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Six All-time Amazing Free Roam Games You Must Try

Microgravity Free Roam Games

Freedom is a hallmark of roaming games, whether in fantastical kingdoms, computer-generated universes, or modern metropolises. In this pandemic where people are scared to go outside or meet their loved ones, the virtual reality games are experiencing a golden age, with vast exploration and player choice landscapes.

This article discusses some of the most impressive VR games that will give you mesmerising moments with thrill. So get ready to witness what a real roaming game is all about.


In this game, the protagonist, Captain Renko is guided through a tutorial mission by James Devlin. Renko can interact with a wide variety of objects. Chests, notes, and recorders, for example, can all be useful. The protagonist cannot carry multiple guns at a time as there is no inventory. In this game, only headshots can be used to kill humans.

It is more challenging to defeat mutated foes in this game. Certain weapons are powerful enough to sever an enemy in half. E-99 technology, which is found throughout Katorga-12, can be used to purchase weapons, upgrades, and ammunition. This is a great VR game for those who love intense graphics and adventurous games.

Outbreak Origins

At the beginning of Outbreak Origins, players are transported to the virtual world, where they watch non-CGI news footage on a large screen to learn about their mission. The team’s goal is to find a cure for the zombie apocalypse while fighting off the living dead as best they can. To earn the most points, players compete by shooting as many heads as possible while avoiding death as many times as possible.


Terraria has so much to offer that it borders on sandbox/open-world territory. Construct a haven for yourself and your family, and keep it safe from the villains who will try to break in. Otherwise, you can ignore the monsters and go underground searching for valuable materials or play around in your tiny, pixelated world as much as you want. Then, wait for one of the game’s devils to appear and attack you. The game also allows you to craft better armour, weapons, and even a jetpack. There’s always something new to make, a new cavern to discover or a new
story to tell.

The Legend of Zelda

This is one of the best Nintendo Switch games and one of the best open-world games, thanks to the game’s innovative mechanics that encourage players to experiment like mad scientists. Curiosity will get the best of you more than objectives in Breath of the Wild, thanks to its intriguing landmarks and the chance to learn more about the world before Calamity Ganon struck.

Grand Theft Auto V

GTA 5 is one of the favourite free roam game of all time gamers. It’s the most popular entertainment product among all types of players. Take advantage of adult clubs, skydive into the sky, stab sharks with knives, track a serial killer, run from or fight cops, go full Trevor, and cause as much chaos as possible. It will eventually surprise you and leave you craving to play more.


Virtual reality has boosted the field of gaming since technology has advanced. The most popular VR games are BMX, water bike races, skydiving, motorcycle racing, scream coaster, car racing, rope jump, and golf course. Furthermore, virtual reality offers an infinite number of options to attempt something new in gaming. Playing such games gives you a lot of thrill and enjoyment.

Nothing beats handling the driving wheel in virtual reality games. This is a fantastic alternative to traditional gaming, which requires you to sit back on the chair and passively push buttons on the remote controller.

Open-world roaming games in the gaming arena are a stunning and satisfying setting for the player’s journeys, with the option to go their own way and are challenging to choose because of their versatility. Because of the recent change and need of the gaming trend, game designers and animators have been brainstorming and applying amazing ideas to provide an outstanding gaming experience. So, try these virtual games to get lost in an all-new gaming experience.

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