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Snap up the most dazzling Custom Candle Boxes

Searching for the Best Custom Candle Boxes in the Market?

Hey, if you’re searching for the best Custom Candle Boxes in the market, then you do not need to search more. Yes, because we have an awesome range of candle boxes for you. Candles are widely in use by people while decorating them on dinner tables, religious events, birthday parties, national events and others.

Thus, for such a common yet frequently sold item, the display boxes should be complementing with its nature. Where plain, scented, colorful and shaped candles add a glam to the environment, the candle boxes add a spark to the display at stores.  OXO Packaging is the expert of nifty candle box manufacturing.

High-tech Custom Printed Candle Display Boxes

Our company that yields 100 % guaranteed Candle Boxes uses the latest technology. Eco-friendly and biodegradable manufacturing approaches make them rather more popular among the buyers.

Finishing brings more Strength

The finishing done on the boxes including gloss AQ, gloss UV, matte UV and spot UV brings more strength in the final look. The UV treatment keeps the candles safe from the harmful rays of sun ensuring the originality of texture, shape and freshness of the candles.

 Box sizes, Styles and Variations

The Custom Printed Candle Display Boxes are manufactured in various sizes as per your choice. The styles include; sleeve end boxes, top lid boxes, top and bottom tuck end boxes, gable boxes, flap boxes, pillow boxes, compartment boxes and tray boxes.

All of these styles are designed either plain or with die-cut windows. The windows are precisely trimmed into finest patterns and motifs. When the candles pop out from the windows, they enhance their beauty.

Candle Boxes

Use of Durable Material

The most durable material is used in the manufacturing of the custom boxes so that the durability lasts longer. Cardboard, Kraft paper and E-flute corrugated are used. Latest technology turns the material into a quality-assured lot.

Impressive Candle Packaging ideas always Speak the Worth of Brand

When it comes to designing, every brand puts in much effort. Some go for simpler yet elegant displays while some go for vibrant and louder ones. We do both for you. Depending upon the type of candles and the purpose they are made for, we help you design the packaging accordingly.

We Play with Colors

We always experiment with unique color schemes to take your brand to a next level. Colors play a huge role in any packaging and its marketing. Thus, we always provide our clients with unique color combos in imagery, fonts and backgrounds of the Candle Packaging.

Logo Printing Speaks a Lot

The logo of any brand is its spokesperson. The more finely it is printed, the more attention it brings. Using durable techniques such as embossing, debossing, foiling and etching in neutral colors like gold, silver and gun metallic, we present you the best version.

Digital mock-up Sample

When your box comes in the final form and shape, we always communicate to our clients to have a look at the 3D sample of their order. This allows us as well as the brand to work with more satisfaction. At this stage, you can make any changes as you per your desire.

Room for Customization

We always allow you to get your orders customized. From sizes to colors, graphics to printing and quotes to styles, everything can be modified. Add-on features are offered where you can add any preferred embellishments.

Candle Boxes

Get affordable Candle Boxes at a fast Pace

We believe in the affordability of rates and fastness of delivery. This is what all customers look for while making any purchases. Don’t you agree? You must because you too are looking for such a great package, right? Then congrats, we bring you both the features. Within a turnaround of 4 to 8 business days, you will get your order at your doors.

Get Discounts

You can buy as many boxes as you desire but if you buy in bulk, you will be getting discounted deals. Sounds catchy? Then hurry up and place your orders online. In case, you come across any defect, do not hesitate to get back to us. Our team will accommodate you.

Our Bath Bomb Boxes are also our best-selling items as they are designed with much of a luxurious feel.

 Safety is our Prime Concern

We never overlook the safety factor. To ensure it, we use large and powerful corrugated boxes that keep the order safe from jerks, weather conditions and any other external damage while shipping.

Contact us

You can contact us 24/7 on the numbers given on the website and also can send e-mail. Our staff will respond to you quickly. Keep visiting the website for upcoming deals.

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OXO Packaging offers you the most affordable range of high-tech Custom Candle Boxes designed with graceful graphics. Shop online and avail the best outcome.

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