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Step by step guide to build a business website for beginners

The process of creating a website must always begin with a hosting plan and a domain name. After that, you’ll need to structure and style your website design, ensuring sure it performs flawlessly along the way. Finally, if you want to attract clients, you must fill it with useful and relevant material, advertise it, and improve its rating.

If you wish to sell things online, you need to set up a decent e-commerce area as well as a competent accounting system. Here, Designviva provides a guide to building a good business website design.

Choosing a Website Domain Name

The basis of any internet business is your domain name. It’s also one of the first things your visitors will notice, so pick wisely. Ideally, the domain name should be your company name, but this is not always achievable. Check the availability of prospective names and variants to confirm that they are truly unique. The suffix following the domain name is the top-level domain (TLD). If your company name isn’t accessible as an domain, look into alternative, more particular extensions. You might, for example, utilise localised TLDs (.nyc,.io,.ru,.de, and so forth) or others (.co, .law, .store, .agency, etc.).

Whatever you select, Freelance Bazar recommends keeping your domain name short, straightforward, catchy, and memorable. Avoid using digits and special characters as well.

Web hosting is the server that saves your website’s data and makes it available to Internet users all over the world. Given that the hosting company and package you select might affect your website’s responsiveness and user experience, Designviva advises doing your research before making any purchases.

While shared hosting is a wonderful place to start for small businesses, bigger organizations (with more than 1,000 visits per day) should consider a dedicated server or a virtual private server. Although this option is more expensive, it ensures that your website operates optimally even during busy hours. Recently, an increasing number of individuals have taken advantage of Europe’s fantastic Internet infrastructure – great speeds at enticingly low rates. Make sure to read the evaluations of the finest hosting providers in Europe to pick the ideal solution for your website.

When designing your website, bear in mind that it must have a logical structure. Although simplicity is usually appreciated, your website should have several pages, each with its function and be of practical value to visitors; the easiest approach to do this is to design a visual sitemap so that you don’t get lost along the way. Consider what your consumers could be seeking and strive to supply it. One of the most typical blunders made by business owners is packing many services and connections into a single landing page. According to Freelance Bazar, having too many options might confuse and overwhelm visitors, causing you to lose a prospective lead. As a result, each service you provide should have a landing page. If your company has many locations, consider creating a landing page for each of them.


The quality of your homepage will influence visitors’ initial impressions. Designviva thinks that because it is the first thing a visitor sees, the homepage must pique their attention by succinctly conveying what the firm does and how they can benefit from the material on the website design.

Don’t overcomplicate the homepage by cramming every single piece of information about the firm onto it. Instead, keep it brief and straightforward, with a strong call to action at the conclusion.

Landing Page 

Sending a prospective lead to a landing page rather than the homepage is sometimes a much better idea. According to Freelance Bazar, the landing page, like the homepage, is a terrific opportunity to present your brand, but in fewer words and with more targeted CTAs.


Your blog area, like the rest of your website, should be easy to access while also being visually appealing. Designviva recommends using a variety of media in your blog articles to convey your message, while also ensuring that it is optimized for optimal page loading performance.

You should optimize your website to boost its rating on search engine result pages (SERPs) and consequently its visibility. Freelance Bazar has compiled a list of popular SEO techniques for you to try:

Title Tags

Create a good title for each web page in 70 characters or less to help readers know what it’s about when perusing the search pages. Include the name of the company/brand, as well as relevant keywords related to the page’s content.

Meta Description

The meta description appears beneath the title tag. It should, like the title, offer consumers a sense of what they’re about to see on your page, but in more words. Because it appears in SERPs, the meta description should also include the primary keyword.

Internal Hyperlinks

Although backlinks are vital for increasing your search engine authority, internal links can assist search engines to gain a better picture of your website’s content. As a result, make sure to provide relevant connections to other valuable pages on your website.

Tags in the Header

Using header tags, divide your content into sections (). Not only will this make it easy for search engines to assess the text, but it will also make it a lot more digestible for the reader.

Reach out to your target audience and engage with them through numerous means to boost your Internet presence. In addition, provide shareable information on your website that your consumers may discuss and promote on their social media pages.

However, not all social networking networks follow the same pattern. Twitter is ideal for sharing links and making brief announcements. Pinterest and Instagram, on the other hand, are focused on visual expression. Make the most of each platform and tailor your material accordingly.

Designviva believes that simply creating a website design and hoping it maintains its top position is insufficient. You must also make an effort to keep it up. Aside from ensuring that it operates flawlessly at all times, you should keep your website’s content up to date. Post new items, special discounts, and company news frequently to keep your visitors coming back. Furthermore, your website should constantly have up-to-date and useful content.

Freelance Bazar advises you to keep in mind that SEO will not improve the traffic to your business website overnight. It is a time-consuming procedure. To achieve real results, you must be patient and constant in your efforts to develop your website, content, and overall online presence.

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