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Step-by-step office cleaning and building maintenance guide

Building maintenance is a concept that is often considered secondary, or even is forgotten, until the deterioration of the facilities.

Building maintenance is a concept that often falls under secondary, until the deterioration of the facilities, or a certain breakdown, alerts us to the difference between having good maintenance and good cleaning facilities, and the consequences of the lack of maintenance, with the consequent surprise expenses, which will always be greater and more difficult to assume, than a moderate scheduled bill.

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In this step-by-step guide to building care and cleaning, we will first explain what comprehensive building maintenance is.

What is building maintenance?

The integral maintenance of a building comprises carrying out all the actions to care for and protect the state of the building, in such a way that it keeps its most optimal physical appearance and continues over time, providing the same functional benefits of its origin.

Reasons to carry out comprehensive building maintenance

Among the most important reasons to carry out or contract the comprehensive maintenance of a building are: it affects aesthetic conditions, health, safety, functionality, and budget control.

  • The aesthetics presented by a building with or without cleaning vary the image it conveys to us and speaks for itself about the type of owners and users that make it up.
  • The dirt that a building presents in its common areas makes possible the proliferation of insect and rodent pests, which, once installed, will surely expand their areas of action.


Dirt and lack of maintenance in a building make possible the proliferation of bacteria and microorganisms. Can infect cooling and heating systems, as well as the general environment in which all its users live, causing allergies, and all kinds of diseases.

  • The dirt and lack of inspection of the facilities in a building cause a greater number of breakdowns in the machinery, with worse consequences because of the lack of early detection.
  • The lack of control and reviews, as well as cleaning of buildings, decreases the safety of the facilities and can even become dangerous in their use, and of course, at some point, they will stop providing the services for which they were installed, with the consequent inconvenience for all users of the property.
  • An adequate comprehensive maintenance budget for buildings is an investment in the short and medium-term, since care will be transformed into a positive image, which will give greater value to the property, and will have a positive impact on both the projection in front of visitors of the companies that are housed in it or the type of owners that occupy it, creating a feeling of comfort and responsibility.
  • From an economic point of view, the fact of having a closed budget in the expenses chapter avoids many unexpected surprises that are difficult to assume.
  • Constant reviews and maintenance actions save repairs and large-volume actions, which always involve high costs.
  • In order to achieve the best performance, the facilities, and equipment that need proper maintenance and cleaning to reduce consumption and costs.

Correct conservation of buildings helps to preserve the heritage, and sometimes, we contemplate this need in the legislation, which makes the owners responsible for the good state of conservation of the buildings and their facilities.

The systematic performance of maintenance and cleaning tasks in buildings is necessary. We need this to have insurance coverage in case of requesting compensation for claims.

Who does building maintenance and cleaning?

A variety of can carry building maintenance and cleaning out independently. Contracted professionals, in-house staff, or one of the many cleaning and full-service companies.

Each option has advantages and disadvantages.

In the management and maintenance of buildings, at least professionals from the following services and activities will have to intervene:

  • Antenna operator
  • electricians
  • plumbers
  • masons
  • locksmiths
  • cleaning workers
  • Surveillance systems with human resources, concierges, money managers, or lifeguards may also be necessary.

The punctual and particular contracting of each one of these services supposes a greater economic disbursement if we add the different independent invoices to each other, but maybe with less homogeneous results when maintaining and cleaning buildings.

A greater number of cleaning and maintenance services contracted in a single company in a systematic way always implies a change and reduction in price by volume, which is always more beneficial for clients when ordering the cleaning and care of buildings.

Carrying out building maintenance and cleaning tasks entrusted to different companies and professionals. Can more easily dilute responsibility and the quality of the services provided as a whole.

When different professionals or companies are hired for the cleaning and maintenance of buildings, the coordination of tasks and the periodicity are also more difficult to coordinate because it is more difficult to unite the actions in a single and specific project.

If their own employees carried the maintenance and cleaning tasks. Our certifications also oblige the property owner to make additional disbursements for the acquisition of tools, materials, products, and services. Necessary machinery, costs which contribute to more expenses for repairs and maintenance.

The greatest advantages, therefore, will be found by hiring one of the many auxiliary building and cleaning services companies in Melbourne, with sufficient experience in this sector of activity, since it will provide us with:

  • A specific cleaning and maintenance project for the building will include an inventory of all the areas. Facilities, and elements needs cleaning and checking
  • It will provide us with a calendar with the best periodicity options based on the spaces or facilities needs maintenance.
  • It will provide the human and mechanical resources and tools necessary for the maintenance and cleaning of the building.
  • We will concentrate all responsibility on the efficient execution of all cleaning and maintenance tasks. This will apply to all the building, as well as the staff of operators or professionals who carry out said tasks.


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