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Study MBBS in China 2022 – Guide with EBC World Wide

The majority of Pakistani Pre-medical student in Pakistan wants the profession of a Doctor. However, due to there is a high rate of quality in medical schools in Pakistan as well as the expensive fee structure of private-sector medical colleges in Pakistan however, they are not able to be doctor. This article will provide you with information on how to gain admission to the medical school, MBBS and MBBS in China. This will help you transform your dream into reality.

If you are looking to take MBBS exams in Pakistan then you must be able to score high marks on the matriculation, intermediate, and entry test. In the coming year, more than 80,000 students are expected to take part in MDCAT.

There are 108 medical schools in Pakistan is at 108. Every year, 7 students be doctors from a total of 100. This means that there is an acceptance rate of just 7.7%.


This article will provide all the information you need to know about the reasons to do Study MBBS in China. This article will provide everything from choice of the top medical school to admission and submission of fees.

There is a new NLE Exam available for both, who have passed MBBS in Pakistan and China. It is possible to take MBBS for the lowest cost from China. Because of the roads infrastructure, it is possible to travel by road across Pakistan across the border to China.


  1. High School Transcripts( 10th & 12th results
  2. Passport Copy
  3. Fill out the application form
  4. Physical Exam Form
  5. Completed Resume
  6. Passport Size Picture
  7. Police Character Certificate/attested by the Foreign Office
  8. Statement from a bank of 5000dollars
  9. The fee structure is signed by the student and Guardian

FEE Structure for MBBS in CHINA

Here is the entire fee structure for MBBS China admission.

  • Tuition Fee 10500 Tuition Charge 14500
  • Hostel Fee 3500 Hostel Fee 3500
  • Liaison Fee 21550 Visa Extension: 800
  • Medical Insurance 800 Health Insurance 800
  • Registration Fee 500
  • Medical Checkup 350
  • Visa Extension Fee 800
  • First Year Fee: 38000 RMB (839254 All Fee)
  • nd year to final year fee of 800.0 RMB (437295PKR All Fees).Students is required to pay the first-year fees upon arrival. If not, hemust remain in a hotel until the fee payment has been made through the school.
  • The fee is payable by Chinese Yuan (RMB) fluctuation could alter the fee to USdollars.
  • Food, Books and other other miscellaneous costs aren’t included in the above tuition fees. Students are responsible for paying these expenses.

Special Notes
a liaison fee isn’t an academic fee. It is a charge imposed by the entity that has the responsibility for you admission the procedure is not refundable after payment.


Intake for March 2022 for MBBS in China Admissions for Pakistan students. Here is the complete information including the fee structure.
Admission Criteria: 60 percent marks for Biology and English more than 50% marks in Physics as well as Chemistry. Age Limit: 25 years. Students who are younger than 17 years of age students will not be accepted. Students aged 17-18 will need to provide an authority of attorney that has been certified through an official at the Chinese Embassy.


We Follow This Admission Procedure. Contact us at 0304-7418334.

  • Upload your education documents and pay the admission fee of 2000RMB to us.
  • We will submit an admission letter. Once you have received the admission letter, you must submit all the required documents.
  • JW202 as well as a security deposit of 3000RMB will be taken from the fee package.
  • If your visa application is rejected by the Chinese embassy, then you may provide an original version of your admission letter along with JW202 to us. You will receive a reimbursement of the Security deposit amounting to 3000RMB.
  • Please be aware the following: 2000RMB of admission fees & Courier is non-refundable and not refundable.

MBS IN CHINA Application and Admission Process

How to Apply for MBBS in China

  1. Admission letter
  2. Student visa (How to Get Visa)
  3. Police Character Certificate
  4. Attestation of documents from schools
  5. Visa Application
  6. A ticket to China
  7. Submit Fee
  8. Hostel Cost
  9. Total Cost of First-year MBBS in China
  10. PMDC Testing Guidelines (After you have completed your MBBS)


The Visa application is an essential Fitih step. Here’s a brief description of the application process for visas for MBBS from China. You must submit an application to the embassy for the visa.

  1. attested degrees (Matriculation as well as Fsc)
  2. Police Character Certificate issued by the Police Station
  3. Admission Letter (original)
  4. Jww2 Form (student visa form)
  5. Affidavit from your father or guardian, stating that they will pay for your education.
  6. Bank Statement


China is our closest neighbor. Pakistan China cooperation is an inspiration to the entire world. There are numerous benefits for Pakistani students studying in China. Travelling to China via road is extremely affordable. Because of CPEC Pakistan and China are extremely close partners. If you are looking to conduct business with China. The first thing you should do is MBBS in China.


The MBBS program for students in China specifically for Pakistani students is extremely useful. Here’s the complete list of benefits and facilities that are available for Pakistani students.

  • All Chinese universities that are not part of the MBBS course in English
  • The minimum age in China for MBBS for MBBS in China is 18-24
  • Recognized Byword health-related organization
  • Recognized all over the world, China MBBS Degree Recognized globally
  • The tests are conducted in the country of the test, just like PMDC USMLE is a requirement to practice as a doctor.
  • Students in FSc Pre-Medical or O/level are eligible to apply
  • Receive, and a University Representative will be able to receive you.
  • PMDC Recognition, No Medical university-recognized By PMDC

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