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The Best Books To Develop Exponential Writing Skills

Are you searching for the best book about writing to nourish your overall writing skills? You are at the very right place. We have created a list of the best book about writing to offer you ease and eliminate confusion while choosing the right fit for you.

However, being an aspiring writer, you must have received some piece of advice from others to improve your craft. It might include:

  • Reading Extensively
  • Writing Regularly
  • Killing The Distractions

While these are some terrific pieces of advice that have proven to be effective throughout time, being an aspiring author, you must want to know the secret recipe of crafting a masterpiece, but it is not easy as you think. It demands loads of time, effort, and dedication.

So, here is a helpful list of the best book about writing to assist you on your writing journey. Whether it’s a novel, fiction, poetry, biography, or memoir, this list includes all the books to cater to your difficulties.

Bird by Bird By Anne Lammott

If you are an aspiring writer, your arsenal must include “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lammott, as this book inspires more than a million readers. Anne shared her exponential writing skills in this book, including the tales that weave the parts into tremendous advice. So, if you face difficulty discovering your passion and voice, Anne Lammott is pretty much bound to inspire you.

How To Write A Best Selling Fiction Dean Kootz

Dean Kootz is a prolific novelist who sold a whopping 450 million copies of his books worldwide. He is a perfect man to teach people how to write best-selling fiction, and that’s why his book is considered the best book about writing. However, this book is pretty old, but several of his advice stands the testing of time. This book emphasizes the advice on style, grammar, character, plot development, along with the tips about working with editors and literary agents.

Writing The Breakout Novel By Donald Maass

Donald Maass was an inspiring writer and a literary agent. He wrote nearly 300 pages while advising on how to write a masterpiece. However, along with an added benefit of being an insider, he shares his thoughts on the works that are considered and the traits of those which are not even considered with the help of discussing several successful books. Moreover, he shared the various insider secrets of the literary industry that he experienced during his career as a literary agent.

Plot & Structure By James Scott Bell

James Scott Bell is an award-winning author and a fine writer. He gives terrific advice on the art of crafting stories. He discussed the writing techniques from brainstorming, reviewing to plotting diagrams and infographics. The core idea of this book is focused on fictional writing; however, many of these tips can be implemented in any other genre as well. That’s why this book makes up this list of the best book about writing.

The War Of Art By Steven Pressfield

“The War of Art” is a personal memoir of Steven Pressfield revolving around the extensive difficulties he encountered as an aspiring writer. He provides rigid advice for aspiring writers to fight the demon within themselves and the idea that we are not capable enough. He highlights the problems while dealing with the barriers of ambition and explains the potential ways on how to conquer them. This book can significantly help you in achieving great things in life.


So, thank you for reading, and good luck in your own writing journey, as it is a tremendous ride full of twists. So embrace yourself for the journey and read the best book about writing to equip yourself with the best tips, techniques, and skills to conquer the literary world.

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