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The Best Days to Shop in the USA in 2022

For sales to the best days to shop throughout the year, here’s your what-to-buy-when guide.

When it comes to finding the best deal on both necessities and indulgences, timing is everything. You can get whatever you want for a lot less money if you know when seasonal things are likely to be on sale and when large deals occur, or if you have information on when potential next sales will occur.

Given the pandemic and supply chain problems that plagued the second half of 2021, 2022 is a challenging year to predict. Retailers, on the other hand, are expected to hold their typical sales events, with the seasons still affecting which things and when they go on sale.

If you’d rather not buy in person, internet shopping and curbside pickup provide a variety of options for getting the same prices you’d get in shops.

Here are all the best days to shop to mark down on your calendar for 2022, so you can plan your purchases:


Purchases to make:

Clothing for the winter. Heavy coats, sweatshirts, warm pajamas, winter boots, sweaters, caps, and scarves are moved to the bargain racks in late January to make place for spring fashion. Winter clothing will be discounted by up to 50%. In February, you’ll still find deals, but the quantity will be limited as merchants stop selling new winter products. As a result, January has the best day to shop to go shopping for winter clothing.

TVs. One of the finest times of year to buy televisions is right before the Super Bowl. Super Bowl LVI is on Feb. 13, so take advantage of the bargains at your local electronics store, big-box retailer, or warehouse club in the final weeks of January.

Towels and linens are provided. Department shops and home goods retailers such as Drape Brother, clear back, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Pottery Barn offer “white bargains” on bath and bedding items throughout January. Although stores no longer use this specific title (it’s a more traditional name developed decades ago), sales of towels and sheets occur every year.

Important sales days include the following:

New Year’s Day is one of the most important days of the year. You might not expect many stores to host a New Year’s sale. Consumers are, after all, quite tapped out. Amazon, Target, Walmart, and other major stores, on the other hand, frequently offer a New Year’s sale with huge discounts. After all, they need to clear the shelves in their store or warehouse, so they can bring in new merchandise to sell.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is observed on January 15th. Expect sales on clothing, beauty products, and household goods over the long weekend.


Purchases to make:

Tax preparation software. Employers have until January 31 to send out W-2s, according to the IRS. As a result, tax software businesses like H&R Block and TurboTax begin providing promo codes and discounts to early filers in February.

Jewelry. If you want to find leftover jewelry on sale, wait until after Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s is one of the best days to shop for jewelry.

Important sales days include the following:

Presidents’ Day. During the holiday weekend, you may get great prices on beds and appliances.


Purchases to make:

Outdoor clothing for the warmer months. As the weather begins to warm, you’ll notice discounts on outdoor running clothes and sneakers. You may also anticipate merchants who sell camping equipment and patio furniture to join in on the fun. The prices of these things will be lower in the early fall, but the choices will be larger in the early spring. To get clothes for spring and summer, you may have a look at FashionSaviour to get additional discounts. More you can use Lovepop Coupon Code and get discounts on unique greeting cards for different occasions and best days.

Important sales days include the following:

St. Patrick’s Day is a wonderful time to purchase Irish-themed jewelry and other green presents on sale, even if it isn’t a major selling event. The next day, get the best deals on gear.


Purchases to make:

Appliances and household products. You’ll find discounts on everything from vacuums to energy-efficient appliances thanks to spring-cleaning incentives and Earth Day.

Easter outfits. The 17th of April is Easter. Clothing for Easter Sunday will be on sale in the week leading up to it, notably children’s spring dresses and suits. Even if you are unable to organize a gathering, now is an excellent opportunity to update your children’s clothes.

Important sales days include the following:

Easter. On Easter Sunday, stores will be quiet. However, there will be a lot of sales in the lead-up. Expect reductions on treat baskets and flowers on gift sites, as well as discounts on spring clothing at department stores. Plus, Easter candy and hampers are the best days to shop, shortly after Easter.


Purchases to make:

Clothing for spring. Discount racks and online clearance sections will fill up with spring products as businesses make places for summer styles.

Appliances. Memorial Day is considered the finest and somehow the best day to shop for large appliances like refrigerators, washers, dryers, and dishwashers.

Important sales days include the following:

Mother’s Day is coming up. Start shopping for bargains on jewelry, perfume, and other popular Mother’s Day presents a few weeks before May 8.

Memorial Day is a national holiday in the United States. Clothing and appliance sales will abound throughout the three-day weekend.


Purchases to make:

Gift certificates for restaurants are available. Many chain restaurants provide bonus cards with the purchase of a gift card around Father’s Day and graduation season.

Grills and tools As Father’s Day approach, home improvement stores discount grills, power tools, lawnmowers, tool sets, garage organization products, and more. As a result, June is an excellent time to refresh the contents of your own tool shed.

Important sales days include the following:

Father’s Day is coming up. Watch for bargains on watches, clothing, shoes, wallets, TVs, tools, and other popular Father’s Day gifts in the weeks leading up to June 19.


Purchases to make:

Tech. If Amazon shifts Prime Day back to July, you can expect bargains on smart home gadgets, gaming systems, TVs, and PCs around the middle of the month from Amazon and its competitors.

Furniture. Furniture sales are typically heavy around the Fourth of July, so plan your kitchen table or sectional buy appropriately.

Important sales days include the following:

It’s July 4th. This year’s Independence Day falls on Monday, probably one of the best days to shop, so expect an after-weekend of deals.

Prime Day. Amazon hosts a one-day event called Prime Day. The exact date for 2022 will not be revealed until a few weeks before the event, but Prime Day has historically occurred in mid-July.


Purchases to make:

Swimwear and summer clothing Retailers will want to clear the shelves for October as summer draws to a close.

Laptops and school supplies. Big-box stores and office supply companies will offer discounts on notebooks, art supplies, laptops, and other items as the first day of school approaches in late August or early September. Apple’s back-to-school offers are generally released around August.

Important sales days include the following:

Weekends are tax-free. During tax-free weekends in August, several states remove sales tax on apparel, school supplies, and even gadgets in certain cases. So this makes it to turn out as the best day to shop. 


Purchases to make:

Grills and outdoor furniture. Due to the fact that Labor Day marks the end of grilling season, expect discounts on everything you’d need for outdoor entertaining. Patio furniture will be difficult to come by after September since merchants will stop carrying it for the winter. Outdoor furniture is the popular category on RedeemOnLiving to get the best deals and saving options. 

Important sales days include the following:

Labor Day. In the United States, Labor Day is a public holiday. Clothing left over from back-to-school sales, as well as appliances and mattresses, will be on sale.


Purchases to make:

iPhones from the past. In September, Apple regularly reveals its new phones. In October, seek older models that are on sale.

Clothing that is warm and inviting. Leggings, robes, sweatshirts, and joggers will all be on sale as the temps drop. In January, you’ll discover better bargains, but now you’ll have a larger selection.

Important sales days include the following:

Halloween. Halloween isn’t a big shopping day in and of itself. It is, however, the time when any costumes, sweets, or frightening decor that did not sell earlier in the month will be available for purchase.


Purchases to make:

Electronics and televisions. November is the best month to buy TVs, smart home devices, tablets, PCs, and smartwatches, thanks to Black Friday and pre-Black Friday specials that begin early in the month.

Important sales days include the following:

Friday the 13th is known as “Black Friday.” Black Friday is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving when people begin their Christmas shopping in earnest, but it has grown into a nearly month-long extravaganza that has consumed the whole month of November. Using Volcom Black Friday Sale 2022 you can save some pennies while shopping online on best days.

Monday is known as “Cyber Monday.” Cyber Monday, which falls on Nov. 27 this year, offers internet savings and often repeats many of the Black Friday specials (Nov. 24). Clothing and travel bargains are also popular.


Purchases to make:

Toys and games are available. To avoid being stranded with toys and games after the holidays, merchants start reducing them as Christmas approaches.

Important sales days include the following:

Saturday is the best day to shop. For those who haven’t finished their holiday shopping yet, there’s good news. Last-minute offers abound on the Saturday before Christmas and in the days leading up to it.

New Year’s Eve. The most significant night of the year is New Year’s Eve. From Dec. 26 to Jan. 1, after-Christmas deals and retailers providing a New Year’s sale are common, and then the cycle of being on the lookout for impending sales begins all over again.

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