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The Best Things About Bakhtiar Rugs Never Knew

Bakhtiar Rugs has gained a reputation for both the quality and craftsmanship of their rugs. Several of their designs have become so popular that they’ve recognize as the best in the world. So why have Bakhtiar Rugs earned such an esteemed reputation? While there are certainly many reasons, here are six things you might not know about these rugs that explain why they’re so great.

 1) Resistant to sunlight- Bakhtiar Rugs

All Bakhtiar Rugs are resistant to sunlight and have lab-test to prove it. Our main goal was to make a rug that you can put outside and not worry about how long it will last or how much discoloration it will get. These rugs do stand up to the test of time and UV light. Bakhtiar Rugs Although some manufacturers are making rugs that claim to be resistant to sunlight, most of them aren’t. Great Quality – Bakhtiar Rugs: Some people think that they will get better quality if they buy an expensive rug. That is just not true in most cases. Believe in providing great quality at a low price so everyone can enjoy Bakhtiar Rugs products. Also, we use only top-quality materials in our rugs so they won’t fade or fall apart after one season like many other brands.

2) Easy to clean-Bakhtiar Rugs

Bakhtiar rugs are easy to clean. Vacuum or sweep to remove dirt and dust. They can also easily remove from floor with a scraper or a professional rug cleaner. Even though these area rugs are hand-knotted, they should not use near extremely hot stoves. High heat may damage them. Also, avoid using cleaning chemicals on hand-knotted carpets; instead, you can use warm water and mild soap to remove small stains or spills. You’ll love how good it feels underfoot: Bakhtiar rugs are very soft underfoot because of their quality construction.

They have soft piles that feel great when you walk on them with bare feet or while wearing shoes. Many people find that having a soft carpet like these area rugs is better than having hardwood flooring! You’ll save money. These beautiful carpets will last many years and never go out of style. A high-quality, durable handmade oriental rug like one of these is an investment in yourself and your home’s beauty. Unlike buying new furniture every few years adding a lovely Bakhtiar rug to your home is an investment that lasts.

3)  Bakhtiar Rugs can use in both formal and informal setting

Bakhtiar Rugs’ favorite quality is how you can use it to create a good balance between both formal and informal environments. It is more comfortable than being around people you love and having a comfy place to hang out. You can have one in your living room to watch movies with your friends or even in your main bedroom when you feel like waking up on weekends.

Prefer having Bakhtiar rugs around because of how it looks so simple yet elegant at the same time. It’s easy to clean: Another great thing about Bakhtiar rugs is that they are very easy to clean. Since they are made from natural materials such as wool, all you need to do is vacuum them every once in a while, and you should be good. However, if there are any stains or you want to clean them thoroughly, all you

4) Enhance any décor- Bakhtiar Rugs

A great rug is making sure it blends in with your home and furniture. With so many vibrant colors and styles of rugs on today’s market, it can be tricky to find one that complements your style. Consider where you will place your rug before choosing a color. Do you want to compliment your hardwood floors? If so, stay away from bold patterns or dark colors like black or navy blue; instead, go for lighter and brighter such as whites, tans, or pastels. Your room is sure to pop with bright pops of color.

For example, a Bakhtiar rug would be perfect for an all-white home. Feeling adventurous? Choose a patterned Bakhtiar rug if you’re looking to add some flair to your space. It could be geometric, floral, or even print! There are plenty of unique options – make sure they match your personality. A good way to ensure that your new purchase looks great is by coordinating with other items already in your house (such as pillows and curtains). These pieces should also have similar textures.

5) Many different designs-Bakhtiar Rugs

There are many different types of rugs including. Choosing a rug can be a tricky decision, but getting it right to maximize comfort, appearance, and durability is important. Often, when people purchase rugs, they have their specific tastes in design. There are many different designs available on each type of rug and various sizes, so much so that most people could easily find something that would fit their tastes. Bakhtiar rugs many different designs Bakhtiar Rugs make very comfortable beds, and some even double up as an attractive feature in living rooms or other types of rooms around your home.

6) Bakhtiar rugs are made from genuine silk

Silk is well known for its natural qualities in fight off dust mites, bacteria, and viruses that can cause allergies. Helps to keep your home healthy, but having Bakhtiar Rugs made from silk will give you extra peace of mind. This makes it a great choice for those with families or pets in their homes. Silk is also easily clean and cared for with warm water and mild soap or dry clean. It’s also easy to remove most stains as long as they are caught right away; if you do need to clean an older stain out, try using oxygen bleach instead of commercial chemicals, which might.

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