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The Ultimate Guide for Students Who Want to Stay in Wrexham

We’ll discuss the student life in the city and how to select a perfect student accommodation to stay in Wrexham while you're studying.

Wrexham county is a large market town in the Welsh countryside in northeastern England. A city is a terrific place if you’re seeking a fantastic property. But it isn’t because of this that it is a desirable place to live. It’s an excellent location for seeing both the city and the countryside. This is because it’s on the doorstep of beautiful areas and on the Welsh border.

Wrexham A.F.C is one of the world’s oldest professional football teams. Then there’s the nationally significant industrial heritage of the Clywedog Valley. The celebrated National Trust Property of Erddig, and the fine Tudor church of St Giles. This forms a tower over the historic town centre, and are all notable features of the town.

It may surprise you to learn that many students from all over the world travel to this picturesque town to pursue higher education. The prestigious Glyndwr University attracts both domestic and international students all year. In this post, we’ll look at the many sites to visit in a town that hardly any visitors visit. We’ll discuss the student life in the city and how to select a perfect student accommodation Wrexham while you’re studying.

Budget-friendly student accommodation to stay in Wrexham

Wrexham student lodgings are cost-effective and dependable. They provide 100 percent free service as well as 24×7 emergency care. The properties are in the heart of the city and have luxurious amenities. There are a variety of rooms to choose from. These include studio flats, double or triple sharing rooms, and even private suites.

The apartments have furnished rooms with ample closet space. There are provisions for private or shared en-suite bathrooms too. There is also a well-kept student study hall, dining space, games & activities room. What’s more? They come with an equipped kitchen with modern appliances, gas, electricity, and Wi-Fi access.

Places to visit & explore in Wrexham county on a weekend!

The place has a plethora of natural beauty. One is likely to encounter ancient wonders and so much more during their stay here. Let’s see why and how students will have a fabulous time here.

Embrace and observe the local facts

If you’re visiting Wrexham for the first time, the Parish Church of St Giles will mesmerize you. It’s Wales’ largest mediaeval church, whose bell tower dominates the skyline. Visitors can climb up to the church roof for a bird’s-eye view, which is open all year.

The burial of Elihu Yale, a local philanthropist, may be found on the church grounds. Yale was the most generous supporter of the university that bears his name. In actuality, a duplicate of the building may be found on the campus of Yale University. It appears in the film Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Make the most of the spectacular outdoors

You can find yourself in the National Trust territory within walking distance of the town centre. The majestic halls and 18th century walled gardens of Erddig are here. Also, the nation’s favourite historic mansion can be explored here. You’ll find a beautifully kept stately mansion and grounds, as well as seasonal traditional markets. There’s a welcoming Cider Festival and a Woodland Classroom. These offer environmental instruction for all ages.

The site of a Norman Castle is hidden away in Erddig’s surrounding forest. The environment provides a pleasant visual representation of border wars. This dates back to the 12th century. Water from a reservoir located in the Llandegla pine forest nearby rushes into the adjacent Motte (Clywedog). The woodland is particularly well-liked as a place to go hiking.

Venture into the nightlife

There is a wide array of brand shopping centres (Eagles Meadow, Island Green). In the last few years, the number of hotels in the area has tripled. You’ll find familiar chains like Premier Inn, Ramada, and Travelodge.

Come and soak up Wrexham’s creative energy if you’re looking for something different. Stay and shop in the Independent Quarter, and take advantage of everything it has to offer. On Rhosddu Road, there is the Grade II listed neo-gothic Lemon Tree Restaurant. It has happening spots with good food and a cool ambience.

Hope you have a pleasant academic journey and stay in this uber amazing Welsh city!

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