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The Ultimate Guide to Gongfu Set: Everything You Need to Know


Gong Fu Set is a traditional Chinese tea ceremony that dates back to the Ming Dynasty. It involves preparing and serving tea with precision, grace, and mindfulness. The Gongfu Set is a collection of teaware that includes a teapot, tea cups, a tea tray, a tea scoop, a tea strainer, and other accessories. In this guide, we will explore the history, culture, and practice of the Gong Fu Set, the different types of teaware, and how to choose the genuine gongfu tea sets for tea lovers.

The History and Culture of Gong Fu Set

Gong Fu Sets originated in the Fujian province of China during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The practice involves the meticulous preparation and serving of tea and requires specialized teaware. The term “gong fu” translates to “skill” or “effort,” reflecting the precision and mindfulness needed in the art of preparing and serving tea.

Gong Fu Set is deeply rooted in Chinese culture and philosophy. It is an art form that emphasizes the importance of mindfulness, tranquillity, and respect. The ceremony is often used as a way to promote inner calm and focus, as well as to foster social connections and build community.

In Gong Fu Set, preparing and serving tea is as important as the tea itself. The ceremony involves several participants, with the host serving tea to each guest individually. This creates a sense of intimacy and connection between the host and the guests and a sense of appreciation for the tea and the ceremony.

The Components of Gong Fu Set

The Gong Fu Set comprises several pieces of teaware, each with a specific purpose. Here is an overview of the most common components:

1. Teapot: The teapot is the centerpiece of the Gong Fu Sets and is used to brew tea. There are many teapots, including clay, porcelain, and glass. Clay teapots are the most traditional. People highly revered them because of their ability to retain heat and enhance the flavor of the tea.

2. Tea Cups: The tea cups used in the Gong Fu Sets are small and often unglazed, allowing the tea to interact with the porous surface of the clay or ceramic. They are designed to be held with two hands, which helps to promote mindfulness and focus.

3. Tea Tray: The tea tray catches spills or drips during brewing. It also serves as a decorative element and can display the teaware.

4. Tea Scoop: A teaspoon known as a “tea needle”. People use it to measure tea leaves and transfer them from the storage container to the teapot.

5. Tea Strainer: The tea strainer filters out any loose leaves or debris from the brewed tea. Usually, people make it out of stainless steel or bamboo.

6. Other Accessories: Several other accessories can be included in the Gong Fu Set, such as the Gong Dao Bei (fairness cup), which ensures that each guest receives an equal amount of tea. The Cha He (tea caddy) stores and displays the tea leaves, and the Cha Ze (tea boat) holds the teapot and cups.

How to Prepare and Serve Tea Using Gong Fu Set

Preparing and serving tea using Gong Fu Set requires practice and patience, but it is a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Here is a step-by-step guide to the process:

  • 1. Warm the teapot and cups by rinsing them with hot water.
  • 2. Measure the tea leaves using the tea scoop and place them in the teapot.
  • 3. Pour hot water over the tea leaves and steep them briefly.
  • 4. Pour the tea into the fairness cup and individual tea cups.
  • 5. Serve the tea to each guest, pouring the tea with a steady and even motion.
  • 6. Allow each guest to enjoy the tea before serving the next cup.

It is important to note that Gongfu Set emphasizes the importance of mindfulness and respect. As such, it is essential to take your time and focus on preparing and serving the tea. This will help to create a sense of calm and tranquillity during the tea ceremony.

Some Additional Tips about Preparing and Serve Tea Using Gong Fu Set

1. Use high-quality tea leaves: Gong Fu tea is all about appreciating the flavor and aroma of the tea, so it’s essential to use high-quality loose-leaf tea. You can experiment with different tea varieties to find the one you like best.

2. Control the water temperature: Different types of tea require different water temperatures to bring out their best flavor. For example, green tea should be brewed with water around 170-180 degrees Fahrenheit, while black tea requires water closer to boiling. You can use a thermometer to measure the water temperature or watch for steam to rise.

3. Practice pouring: Pouring tea using a Gongfu Set takes practice. It’s essential to run the tea with a steady and even motion without splashing or spilling. Keep your hand close to the tea cups and pour slowly to ensure the tea is evenly distributed.

4. Enjoy the process: Preparing and serving tea using a Gongfu Set is a calming and meditative experience. Take your time and enjoy the process, focusing on the aroma and flavor of the tea. Invite your guests to relax and savor each cup rather than rushing through the ceremony.

In conclusion, preparing and serving tea using a Gong Fu Set is a beautiful and meaningful tradition that anyone can enjoy. With some practice and patience, you can create a serene and memorable tea ceremony that your guests will appreciate.

Choosing the Right Gong Fu Set

The tea you brew in your Gong Fu Set can significantly impact the experience. Here are a few tips for selecting the proper tea:

1. Consider the price: A Gongfu Set can vary widely depending on the quality and type of teaware you choose. Decide on a budget before purchasing, and try to find the best quality within your budget.

2. Consider the design: The design of a Gongfu Set can range from traditional to modern and minimalist to ornate. Choose a design that reflects your style and tastes.

3. Consider the material: People make kung fu sets from various materials, including porcelain, clay, and glass. Each material has benefits and drawbacks, so consider your preferences before deciding.

4. Consider the size: Gong Fu Sets come in various sizes, from small sets for personal use to larger ones for group gatherings. Consider how many people you will serve and choose a set size accordingly.

5. Consider the season: Different teas are best enjoyed during different seasons. For example, green tea is typically consumed in the spring and summer, while black tea is often enjoyed in the fall and winter.

6. Consider the region: Different regions of China produce different types of tea, each with a unique flavor and aroma. Some popular Gongfu Set tea areas include Fujian, Yunnan, and Guangdong.

7. Consider the quality: High-quality tea will yield a better flavor and aroma, so it is worth investing in good-quality tea leaves.

8. Consider the type: Many types of tea can be brewed in the Gongfu Set, including green tea, oolong tea, black tea, and Pu-erh tea. Each type of tea has its unique flavor profile and brewing requirements.

Considering these factors, you can choose a Gongfu Set that meets your needs and preferences.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Gong Fu Set

Proper care and maintenance of your Gongfu Set can help to prolong its lifespan and ensure that it continues to produce delicious tea. Here are a few tips for cleaning and maintaining your teaware:

  • 1. Rinse the teapot and cups with hot water to remove any tea leaves or residue after each use.
  • 2. Use a soft-bristled brush to clean the teapot, careful not to scratch the surface.
  • 3. Avoid using soap or other detergents, as these can leave a residue that can affect the flavor of the tea.
  • 4. Store the teaware in a dry, cool place to prevent mold or mildew from developing.
  • 5. Occasionally deep-clean your teaware by filling the teapot and cups with hot water and white vinegar. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes before rinsing it with hot water.

How to Choose the Right Tea for Gong Fu Set?

Selecting the right tea for Gong Fu brewing requires careful consideration of several factors. Firstly, high-quality teas from whole leaves are recommended as they offer a more complex flavor profile. Secondly, try teas with bold or unique flavors, such as Oolong or Pu-erh teas, often preferred for brewing kung fu. Finally, it is important to consider the brewing requirements of each tea, such as water temperature and steeping time, to achieve the best results. Considering these considerations, you can choose the perfect teas to brew in your Gong Fu set and enjoy an exceptional tea experience.


In conclusion, Gongfu Set is an ancient Chinese tea ceremony emphasizing mindfulness, tranquillity, and respect. It is a beautiful, intricate art form requiring specialized knowledge, practice, and patience. Following the steps outlined in this article, you can learn how to prepare and serve tea using Gongfu Set, choose the proper tea, and care for your teaware. Gongfu Set is a way to enjoy tea and cultivate inner peace and build community with others.

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