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Tips for Institutions to conduct entrance test during online Admission

Guidelines for Institutions Conducting Entrance Exams During Online Admission

As soon as the new session approaches, schools and colleges gear up for the upcoming admissions, and part of that is the entrance examinations. As per the traditional method, the students have to prepare for the examinations and appear for them accordingly on a set time and date. But since we are in the middle of a pandemic the educational institutes can’t organize the exams on their campuses due to strict lockdown.

So in this scenario how should the educational institutions conduct the examinations?

The online admission system is a perfect solution for the problem, most institutes across the world have opted for it because it provides a remote setting that helps the students to appear for the exams at the same time giving the examiners access to assess their performance.

Tips to conduct entrance test during online Admission

Below are a few tips that can prove to be quite helpful when conducting entrance exams online…

Online Exam Registration Process

Do you recall the long queue in which you had to stand just to get registered for the new session?

Well if there is an online registration option provided by the institutes then a student would not have to wait, they can easily complete the registration process. The step would be to fill the form online followed by paying the fees online after which they can download the hall ticket online.

Conducting Examination with Integrity

When it comes to organizing any examination online, there is always the issue of authenticity in question.

How do you make sure that the students are not using any unfair means during the examination?

Did they cheat during the exam?

If they did then how can we evaluate the exam properly?

The advanced software that the institute can use to conduct the entrance exam also has additional features such as remote proctoring and a screen lock system. This in turn could prevent them from cheating or any other malpractices.

Auto-Evaluation of the Exam

If there are more than five hundred answer sheets, how long does it take to assess them?

It takes a week or two or maybe more to finish, depending on the number of students who have appeared for the test. Despite having a team of examiners it could take a while for them to go through all the papers and then score them accordingly.

If the institutes avail an online examination system they should opt for advanced software that has an auto-evaluation feature. It is noteworthy to mention that digital evaluation improves the accuracy of evaluation and enables the educators to submit the test quicker with reduced time and effort.

Ensuring Security of Entrance Exam Data

What if the student who has registered for the entrance exam, is not the one who is appearing for the test?

To ensure that the registered applicants are the ones who are taking the test, the institutes must include an additional security measure by using biometric authentication. This will allow only the registered students to take the test making it difficult for them to give any proxy examination.

Storage of the Question Bank

How often have you heard that question papers got leaked due to which the examination got canceled or postponed?

One of the key advantages of the online assessment system is that it comes with such a feature that the question bank can be uploaded into the system.

Enhanced Usability

What if a student does not have a computer, should he not register and give the entrance examination?

It is imperative to make the examination an inclusive one, which means making it feasible for all the students to appear for the examination.

Lack of computers should not prove to be an obstacle, hence the institution should make sure that the examination system is set up in such a way that the students can take tests via smartphones as well.

In conclusion

Institutes need to set up an online assessment system through advanced software. But before availing of any tool, it is essential to ensure that the software has all the features to ensure a smooth functioning, rapid result generation, and an authentic examination process.

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