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Tips to Product Packaging Design

Custom designed box: Avoid common mistakes in packaging design to ensure that consumers focus on your brand’s best aspects. Poor execution can negate the impact you are trying to make with your branded packaging. Your packaging should not convey a counter-intuitive message about your brand’s goals. These packaging design mistakes can make your company appear unprofessional or affect the customer’s experience when they unbox their order. You must distinguish your brand’s packaging from the rest by investing time and money in custom boxes.

These are some packaging design mistakes to avoid:

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Excessive Packaging

You are wasting time and money and risk degrading their experience when you send them excessive packaging. Every layer of packaging should take the customer deeper into the brand’s story and leave them with a lasting impression. Packaging too bulky or has no aesthetic purpose can cause frustration, impatience, and disappointment. It can also sabotage your brand’s image of being eco-friendly by creating waste that isn’t needed.

Packaging that is too large can be costly and hinder your sustainability efforts.

Generic Designs

Generic designs are unappealing and hard to distinguish from the rest, but they also don’t do a great job of representing your brand. Packaging is designed to attract your target audience and set your products apart from other items. It’s hard to get the desired impact from your packaging if it doesn’t reflect your brand’s image. A brand’s packaging lacks substance and can make a wrong first impression. If potential customers feel there isn’t enough effort or originality in branding and packaging, they may turn away.

Grammar and Spelling Errors

It is hard to find things that cause as much friction as obvious grammar and spelling errors. This is one of the essential packaging design errors to avoid. Typographical mistakes can give the impression of inattentiveness, unprofessionalism, or ignorance. Our civilization spends so much time teaching grammar and spelling to its youth. In civilized societies, clear and precise communication is a valuable asset. It is a crucial way to build trust. If a company doesn’t take the time to communicate its knowledge, detail, and value to its customers, how can it expect them to trust them? Double-check your orthography, and then double-check again!

White Space

The layout of your packaging is crucial to achieving a balanced aesthetic. Strategic white space is a great asset to your brand message and helps it stand out without being too dominant. Although it may seem bright at first, a chaotic flood of colors is a packaging design error to avoid. Too many colors can be distracting and could cause customers to leave. Make sure you have enough white space so it’s evenly distributed and symmetrically distributed. This will allow you to balance clarity and contrast, so your brand can communicate with passion.

Custom Packaging

Illegible Labels

If your customers can’t read the labels or print them, there’s no point in adding them. This removes value and opens up the shopping experience for potential friction and frustration. This is a packaging design mistake that you should avoid. If important guidelines or ingredient lists are not clear, your product can be challenging to use. In a similar fashion to typographical mistakes, Illegible prints can make your brand look bad.

Customers shouldn’t have to struggle to read the labels on your products!


K.I.S.S. is a well-known acronym. The K.I.S.S. acronym stands for keeping it simple stupid and is a guideline to help you approach success directly. We often make things more complicated than necessary and get in the way of our productivity. Your brand’s message will be lost if you add unnecessary details to distract your audience. Although a custom-designed box should be unique, it shouldn’t require an engineer to disassemble. It should be easy to unbox the boxes, and there should not be too much fuss. More plain packaging will make it easier to contact you and improve your overall purchase experience. This is especially true for custom shipping boxes. These boxes should protect your product and make it easy to disassemble when necessary.

Packaging inserts

Box Type

Be aware of the kind of corrugated card use in your packaging. Your goods should be protected from damage in transit by using the packaging materials. The wrong material could cause damage before your goods reach their destination. Packaging mistakes can cause you to lose money, but they can also make a bad impression on customers. There are critical differences between single-wall and double-walled corrugated cards. The type of box you choose will depend on the product’s weight and fragility.

Packaging Size and Custom designed Box

Two purposes are serve by choosing the correct size box. This ensures that the package is adequately protect and an oversize package does not mislea customers. Don’t make your product look larger than it is to fool potential customers. This will make your brand look bigger than it is and lead to a loss of trust.

Customers will be disappointed if oversized boxes mislead them.

Now you should be able to avoid common packaging design errors. Packaging design and branding mistakes are usually a result of a lackluster effort and poor attention to detail. If a business is perceive as unprofessional or inattentive, it will experience limited growth and eventually fail to realize its full potential. Your customers should have good reasons to trust your brand. This includes superior products, customer service, and expertly designed packaging.

Your packaging design will convey professionalism and commitment to your customers.

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