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To the cannabis oil? Reasons to use cannabis oil with THC

Besides the fact that THC has a psychoactive effect and is therefore used recreationally, it is also healthy.

THC can be used for many conditions, but can also be used preventively to prevent certain diseases. In this article, we’ll discuss ten reasons why THC Edibles can be an addition to our daily intake of foods and supplements.

1. THC protects brain cells

There are still quite a few people who believe that cannabis use kills our brain cells. However, this is anything but true. THC has a protective effect on our grey cells!

Here’s a stunning example: A 2014 study found that people with THC in their system were much less likely to die from traumatic head injuries than people who didn’t use cannabis.

2. You sleep better thanks to THC

Already in the 70s it became clear through research that people who used THC had fewer sleep problems. They also found that people with serious insomnia experienced many benefits when using weed.

More recent research has shown that cannabis is able to improve breathing during sleep, helping people sleep more peacefully. Logically, you will wake up fitter!

3. THC prevents/slows down Alzheimer’s disease

According to research, THC is able to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. THC slows down the formation of amyloid plaques. These plaques kill the brain cells and may lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Because THC is able to block the enzyme in the brain that is responsible for the production of these plaques, the chance of developing Alzheimer’s is significantly reduced.

4. THC reduces stress

A well-known fact; cannabis lowers the stress level in our body and in the mind. This is often an important reason for both recreational and medical cannabis consumers to use weed. By experiencing less stress, the mind and body literally and figuratively come to rest, something that is of great importance for our immune system. This also has a beneficial effect on recovery from illness. Side note; especially low doses of THC Edibles are recommended if one wants to experience less stress.

5. THC accelerates metabolism

You will very rarely encounter a frequent THC user who is overweight. THC accelerates the metabolism, so that – with an otherwise healthy lifestyle – one is less likely to have a too high BMI. Preventing the Christmas ponds or getting them off again can be made easier with the help of THC.

THC may also be able to significantly reduce the risk of diabetes due to this ‘side effect’.

6. THC works against nausea

Whether you are nauseous because of too much champagne during New Year’s Eve or because of illness; THC can save you. A 1975 study on the effects of marijuana against nausea showed the antiemetic effects of THC in twenty cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. The researchers were surprised to see that all participants immediately felt relieved, after a dose of THC.

This research slowly but surely changed the view of cannabis. Several later studies, including this one, confirmed that THC works well against nausea.

7. THC is effective against viral and bacterial infections

Even without covid-19, the winter period is a time when many people get sick. This illness is caused by a virus or bacteria, and can cause you to be out of the running for a long time. Cannabis has a beneficial effect on both forms of infection, because it has a direct effect on our endocannabinoid system. You can read more about this in this article.

8. THC helps with migraines

People who sometimes suffer from migraines know what a misery that is. A migraine attack has many forms and can last from a few hours to a few days. Research has shown that cannabis is just as effective – if not more effective – in treating and preventing a migraine attack.

9. THC as a painkiller

For various forms of pain, THC can be used at least as well as a conventional painkiller. The big difference is that THC is not so harmful to your body. Whether you just have a headache, a bruise or fracture, or suffer from a serious illness… THC helps you quickly get rid of the pain.

ACCORDING to research, THC is able to activate certain pathways within our nervous system, so that pain signals are no longer transmitted to the brain. A THC balm can also work well in combating local pain.

10. THC improves our lung health

THC is able to make our lungs function better. It causes our alveoli to open, something that is a very beneficial effect in the case of asthma and, for example, COPD. Of course, it is not wise to smoke a joint, but THC oil or tincture are excellent alternatives. Eating edibles and using a vaporizer are also among the safe methods of THC use in this case.

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