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Top 5 Tools for Network Security Testing

Best 5 Tools for Testing Network Security

Network security testing, also known as network penetration testing, examines an organization’s network security systems for loopholes and flaws that hackers can exploit. It guarantees that all systems including resources from outside the organization are secure. To stay updated with the recent threats and vulnerabilities, you must conduct network security testing on a regular basis.

Need for Network Security Testing

A network security test is carried out to see if a network is susceptible to assaults from the internet and even from within the company. This testing entails a thorough examination of all network infrastructures that are accessible via the internet.

The main purpose of network penetration testing is to assess the network’s risk level. This testing is critical since it can help protect your company’s data and systems from being hacked. I had bought a network penetration testing. That is to say, in other words, to clarify it is useful to us.

Top 5 Tools for Testing Network Security

Let us now have a look at the list of top tools that can be used for network security testing:-

  • Wireshark 

It is definitely the greatest tool for network sniffing. It has a huge amount of protocol dissectors, allowing it to identify and break down a variety of various types of network traffic. To identify packets of interest, the Wireshark GUI identifies every field of a network packet and includes built-in traffic coloring, filtering, and connection following.

It is far more than simply a beautiful packet dissector behind the hood. This makes it extremely useful for pen testing, as it enables testers to quickly and readily extract key features out of a network traffic collection. But, however, on the other hand, it helps the tester to quickly extract it.

  • Burp Suite

Portswigger developed Burp Suite, a set of website security testing tools. Burp Proxy, a web proxy, is probably the most well-known of Burp Suite technologies.

Burp Proxy allows a penetration tester to undertake a man-in-the-middle (MitM) assault by placing themselves between a server and a client (their own or someone else’s). This allows them to inspect, allowing them to find security flaws or data leakages in online applications.

  • Nessus

The sole commercialized tool on this listing is Nessus. Tenable offers it under several different licensing arrangements. 

Because of its huge collection of vulnerability signatures, Nessus is the most used vulnerability scanner. A Nessus assessment will investigate the target computer, as well as further data for attack and remediation. There are many reasons to investigate regularly. Above all, it keeps you secure. These assessments provide a list of probable attack routes for getting access to a specific network or system to a penetration tester. There are many reasons to use it regularly. Above all, it keeps you secure.

  • Metasploit

Metasploit comes in both an open-source and a paid Pro edition for developers and security experts. Rapid7’s network security tool allows users to scan for over 1,500 processes, including network segmentation security. It also allows enterprises to do various safety audits, therefore, increasing overall network security, making them more comprehensive and sensitive. I am not fond of testing. However, I do like testing.

  • Argus

It is among the most effective freely available networking research tools on the market. The acronym Argus refers to Audit Record Generation and Utilization System. As the acronym suggests, the software does accurate, in-depth network analysis of data with speedy, detailed reporting over huge networks.


In Conclusion, network security encompasses everything that can have an impact on an organization’s networks as well as everything that can assist in preventing those attacks. The tools mentioned in the blog can help you to conduct network security testing of your software products. But to get the best results, it is always advised to take the help of a professional software testing company like QASource. Visit QASource now to implement the best-in-the-industry software testing services for your software products. 

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