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Top 5 UK Universities Offering Free Online Courses

Informational Technology is revolutionizing the education sector to a great extent by making it accessible to millions of people across the globe. The pandemic especially forced colleges and universities worldwide to provide education through digital platforms. Online learning offers an easy way to gain knowledge and study courses for improving skills. It is the best option for fresh graduates and employees who don’t have the time and resources to study in a conventional environment. Free online courses open up the possibility of improving your skills, thereby increasing your employability chances. They can make substantial contributions to your CV, and you make an impression during job interviews.

Online education has its challenges. Most of the students face difficulties in the timely submission of assignments and get help from assignment writing services. The proliferation of so many digital educational platforms makes it difficult to choose the right University to take online courses. Many people prefer to opt for free online education by accredited universities. The universities in the UK are preferable because of the high quality of education. But, there are so many universities in the UK, and it becomes difficult to choose the right one. Also, one should know which universities in the UK are offering free online education. For these reasons, this article will guide its readers about the top five universities in the UK offering free online courses.

King’s College London

King’s College London offers multiple free online courses with free digital certificates in a PDF format. It provides free courses every year for domestic and international students. You can register for the online courses by registering on FutureLearn’s platform. It does not require any application or processing fee for the entire duration of the course. You can sign up for these courses at your own convenience and complete them at any time. The duration of every course is different depending on the type of course you wish to study. The medium of instruction for every course is in English.

List of Free Online Courses at King’s College London

  • Entrepreneurship: From Business Idea to Action
  • Introduction to Business Management
  • Shakespeare: Context and Stagecraft
  • Shakespeare: Print and Performance
  • Basic English 1: Elementary
  • Basic English 2: Pre-Intermediate
  • Digital Skills: Embracing Digital Technology
  • English for Healthcare
  • Foundations of French for Global Communication
  • Portuguese for Global Communication
  • Foundations of Spanish for Global Communication
  • Integrating Care: Depression, Anxiety and Physical Illness
  • Introduction to Nursing: The Role of Nurses Around the World
  • Preparing for an International Health Elective: Exploring Global Health, Ethics and Safety
  • Principles of Engineering
  • Research Methods: A Practical Guide to Peer and Community Research
  • The Ideal of Self-Governance: Public Policy Beyond Markets and States
  • The Modern Judiciary: Who They Are, What They Do and Why it Matters
  • The Science Behind Forensic Science
  • Understanding ADHD: Current Research and Practice

The duration of all the courses mentioned above is different. You can check every course’s specific detail by visiting the official website of King’s college.

University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is one of the oldest universities in the UK, and it is among the top 25 universities in the UK. There are plenty of online courses on their platform of FutureLearn. You can register on the website and start learning free online courses. You can join the classes any time for their duration irrespective of when you join. Some of the courses have a free digital upgrade which allows you to access the course as long as it exists on the website. After successful completion, the free digital upgrade also provides access to the course tests and a PDF digital certificate. Here is a list of some of the free courses offered by the University.

  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills at Work
  • Essential Skills for Your Career Development
  • Further Education CFO Programme
  • Digital Skills: Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Skills: Web Analytics

You can visit their website via the link provided above and check out all their free digital courses.

University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham is one of the prestigious public universities in the UK offering free online education. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) is an initiative to provide free online education to domestic and international students. The University of Birmingham also provides its free courses from the platform of  FutureLearn. Here are some of the free online courses offered by the University.

  • Corporate Lawyers; Ethics, Regulation and Purpose
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Metabolomics: Understanding Metabolism in the 21st century
  • Transforming Citizen Participation
  • Building Character through youth social action

University of Southampton

The University of Southampton in the UK ranks among the top 100 universities globally. The University offers plenty of free online courses in partnership with FutureLearn. You can register on the website and start your online education journey. Here is a list of some of the free online courses offered by the University. After completing the course, you will get a digital certificate in PDF format.

  • Jane Austin: Myth Reality and Global
  • Understanding Insulin
  • Contract Management
  • Research Project
  • English as a Medium of instruction for academics
  • Learning in the network age
  • Understanding language
  • Understanding money

University of Leicester

The University of Leicester is one of the reputed universities in the UK which offers a wide range of free online courses. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) are available for anyone anywhere in the world willing to improve their intellectual skills. The course only requires you to have a good command of English. You can register for their courses on FutureLearn and start learning. Here are some of the courses offered by the University.

  • Start Your Career as a Healthcare Professional: Online Work Related Learning
  • Country Houses and the British Empire: How Imperialism Transformed Britain’s Colonial Countryside
  • Reversing Diabetes: Fact or Fiction?
  • Discovering Your PhD Potential: Writing a Research Proposal
  • People Studying People: Research Ethics in Society
  • An introduction to Applied Linguistics
  • Concepts in Sustainable Development


Due to advancements in technology, it has become easier to gain quality education from anywhere in the world. It does not cost anything but only requires a good internet connection and English language skills. Free online courses make the learning process flexible and improve your resume while balancing work and family.

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