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Top Crafting Apps and Websites to Make the Most of Summer

If you are a craft enthusiast, chances are you look at technology with nothing but borderline suspicion.

However, most crafting apps and websites designed today are meant to facilitate a beginner or even someone who has a strong passion for crafting but has lost touch with the hobby due to an overloaded work schedule or responsibilities of daily life.

Why not utilize the World Wide Web to your advantage, instead of considering it as another inadequate utility.

Utilize Your Crafting Hobby to Make the Most of Your Child’s Summer Break

If you are a tech geek, chances are your children are too! Our kids take after us, especially when they are very young. That’s why it is important to involve them in various kinds of kid-friendly activities, which helps to color their childhood differently.

Whether you indulge in cooking, gardening, or crafting, parents want nothing more than to transfer their love of their craft to their progeny. And with summer on the head, why not use the ultra-fast Wave Broadband Internet that’s reliable and will help you with your crafting journey!

Let’s first review the top favorite craft-friendly websites that we believe your young kids will totally love!

Kids Craft Room

Over the years, parents’ dependence on technology has increased massively.

However, Emma who runs the terrific ‘Kids Craft Room’ knows what it is like to be hands-on when one of your children is on a brink of autism and comes with a slight hearing defect.

This website was established to inculcate her love for crafting so that it could enrich the beautiful childhood of kids today and tomorrow.

As a primary school teacher, who knows the importance of going tech-free, she wanted to have an activity that was not dependent on tech nor did it allow any kind of interference from it. And that’s how the Kids Craft Room was born!

The best part is that the website is well-organized and easy on the eyes! Divided into various sections, it is relatively simpler for anyone to find a craft they like.

For instance, if you are thinking of creating something for the Christmas season or for the Fourth of July, you will find countless craft projects to work on,

So visit the website now and get crafting!

First Palette

First Palette is an incredible creative resource that shouldn’t be missed!

The website is curated by Sue, a full-time teacher, who enjoys crafting in her free time. Being a craft enthusiast, she wants others, especially young parents and their kids to explore their passion for crafting.

For this reason, she has set up and designed her website, The First Palette, which aims to serve as an excellent resource for crafters. The website has a wide range of ideas for all kinds of crafts from printables to creative content that’s easy to make at home.

Moreover, all craft ideas posted on her website are downright simple, so they can be created by anyone and everyone!

Since crafting is an excellent way for the entire family to get together, especially if you haven’t had a chance to plan a vacation, why not utilize some of Sue’s creative ideas?

These are bound to bring a lot of smiles, laughter, and joy to your family time while ensuring that you make as many memories as you can, this summer!

The Crafty Crow

Another gem of a website is The Crafty Crow.

This website was created by Cassi, a home-schooling mom, who has successfully been running this incredible website since 2008.

Being an education major, followed by a diverse experience as a Crafter; she has taught preschoolers to hold crafting sessions on girl scout camps, Cassi’s work experience with different age groups shows in her work.

In addition to this, she is the author of multiple craft books, so the Crafty Crow is meant to leave you speechless!

It originated because Cassi felt that the internet was brimming with all sorts of wonderful ideas. And wanted to keep all her findings in one place. Since this is the pre-Pinterest era, people in 2008 were still dependent upon Google for all kinds of fun stuff.

Considered a spectacular children’s craft collective, the site accepts all kinds of craft-based submissions and aims to go green as well!

Moving on with the app reviews…

Top Craft-Friendly Mobile Apps That You Can Download On Your Smartphone Today!

Animated Easy Origami

Crafting can help to refine both your child’s creativity and fine motor skills.

While this app specifies a certain art, origami is an excellent way to build your child’s concentration and patience as they pay attention to the tiny details of the art project.

Simply select an origami project on the app and get ready to work!

So whether they want to create their first-ever origami pet dog or set up a school of origami fish, your young ones will have a lot of fun with the tutorials offered by the app.


Another winner on the list is this craft app, Springpad, which feels more like when Evernote met Pinterest.

While this may sound more like the main story of a rom-com, we assure you that it is not. A fantastic mobile app that uniquely blends top organizational tools with solid aesthetics.

What’s more, it is not limited to a Pinterest-like layout. Springpad offers more options than you would expect from it.

Users have the freedom to create entire artsy-kind of journals in which they can categorize their various hobbies and interests via regular reminders, daily checklists, and even audio files.

What’s more, they even have the freedom to save clipped images and even entire web pages via the app!

Download this terrific app for it presents a great way of instilling habits of cleanliness and organization while simultaneously channeling their creative side.

ColorMinis Kids

There is no hard and fast rule that summer equals crafting.

If your kids have not indulged in this any kind of crafting activity before, then you can start with simple stuff such as painting and coloring.

ColorMinis Kids is an amazing free mobile app, which is available for both Android and iOS users. This app is perfect for children, ages 3 years and up. So if you have toddlers under your wing, then you couldn’t have a more perfect app than this one!

If your young one loves coloring, then they will surely enjoy filling white spaces with vibrant hues.

So download the app now and lets the colors make a splash on your screen!

Wrapping Up

Whether you choose to use the app to watch various video tutorials or visit a craft website to see how a certain craft is created from scratch, you must have a robust connection so that you are not constantly refreshing the screen or the web page for optimal results.

If your current service provider is nothing less than a disappointment, then we suggest that you give another provider a chance, one that may have better reception in your area.

Simply visit TDS tv everywhere and select an internet service provider that’s both swift, reliable, and cost-effective.

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