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Top Tourist Attractions In Medellín

Medellin is the city that has been brimming with 21st-century sanguinity. It is the second-largest city in Columbia after Bogota, with comfortable, calm weather and a cosmopolitan feel. In 1988, Time publication proclaimed Medellin “the most treacherous city on the earth.” In 2013, The Wall Street Journal called it the most innovative metropolis on the planet.

Many changes have appeared through the construction over the centuries. Once the renowned narco-trafficker Pablo Escobar grips the city, it seems like the dead. To Reveal Medellin’s mystery in detail you can book Spirit Vacation Packages.

Far from the city, Medellin is bursting with many exciting activities for every traveler. Moreover, it fills a way bigger punch than the many towns of its size.

Where to Start the Wonderful Tour in Medellin?

While planning the trip to Medellin if you are confused about where to begin the trip. Then, you can follow the list below.

Plaza Botero

The artist Fernando Botero has contributed more than 23 statues to the Medellin cities. You can find these sculptures everywhere throughout the city of Medellin. Therefore, it’s named Plaza Botero.
These statues are inspired By bulky Roman legionaries to overstuffed creatures, now an iconic city attraction. All these statues are photogenic artworks all over Colombia. However, the alignment of these sculptures is against the black and white designs of palace culture in Rafael Uribe only emphasizes the overall gestures.

If you visit Plaza Botero, it will be a more worthwhile tour because you will find even more amazing artwork done by Fernando Botero. You can find enormous epic portraits like La Muerte de Pablo Escobar in the Antioquia Museum through those artworks.

If you plan to visit any of Medellin’s museums, visit Antioquia Museum. It lies adjacent to the western side of Plaza Botero.

This three-story establishment is the second oldest exhibition gallery in the country. There you can find a wide collection of craftwork from ancient Colombia to current legends like Botero.

Medellin Metrocable

Medellin City is located in an oversized Andean bowl. The best way to enter the scenic metropolitan is by using the public vehicle and connecting to the Medellin Metrocable.
These revolutionary cable automobiles glide beyond the town into the mountains, delivering picturesque sights for professional photographers. If you are one of those who love to capture all the epic views of the earth on your camera, you should also spot this place.
On reaching Medellin, you can ride the J line from across the colonial house buildings and shantytowns through stunning sights near the last station of La Aurora.

El Poblado

Here you can taste the authentic taste of the coffee. The vast production of beans is in the Antioquia hills, making Colombia the third-largest coffee bean producer all over the globe.
You do not have to switch to another place in Colombia to rub off your coffee craving. All you need to do is go to El Poblado. To cherish the brewed coffee of Columbia you can make Spirit Airlines Reservations Spot El Poblado. This place is mainly famous for serving fragrant coffee. There you can visit any coffee cafe.

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