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Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Loved Ones

Birthdays are extra special events that have a unique meaning in everyone’s lives. When it’s the case of a loved one, then it has to be absolutely memorable.
Special occasions call for special gifts that are different from traditional choices.
Clothes, Bags, Perfumes and Board Games don’t usually fit the bill in such cases.
The pick has to be thoughtful & one that conveys the feelings & emotions straight to the heart.

Thinking about what could be the probable options for gifting?
Don’t worry, let us help you out in finding that perfect gift that would make the day of your loved one.

Here are some unique birthday gift ideas for loved ones for surprising them with a gift worth remembering.

Birthday Gifts Ideas for Kids

Kids are perhaps the only ones, who have an extreme fascination with the celebration of birthdays. They really wait and yearn long for this special day.

Two things excite them the most, parties and gifts. The joy of meeting friends and cake-cutting simply cannot be described in words. You need to be a witness to that to understand its meaning. Birthday gift ideas for kids usually range from toys and new clothes to candies. To be a bit different, gifting books to them could be a nice option, it not only helps inculcate the reading habit but also makes them more knowledgable. To take a step further, a musical instrument would surely increase their cognitive ability & make learning all the more enjoyable.

Birthday Gifts Ideas for Friends

Friends occupy a special place in our hearts, things we usually don’t share with our family are discussed among friends. They are our emotional support system during school, college & graduation days. More so, they are our best buddies during their teenage and thereafter. Birthday gift ideas for friends range typically from mugs, cards, to their ever-growing love for chocolates. To surprise them, we can gift them things they have been aspiring for a long time, like some latest gadgets, cosmetics or maybe a digital oil portrait of them painted. What better way to celebrate friendship than getting a digital portrait done. It would help make those special moments memorable.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother or Sister

Sibling love is different, memorable and beautiful to say the least. Siblings fight, have disagreements & have some bit of competition too, but nothing stops them from caring and standing behind each other in times of need. Being a family member, you know exactly what they are yearning for and a birthday would indeed be a good place to make their wish come true. Unique birthday gift ideas could also range from custom name or photo printed tees, and personalised mugs to getting oil paintings from photos made. To generate that extra special effect, gifting them a personalised handmade card with a note describing your true feelings would increase the love manifold.

Birthday Gifts Ideas for Husband

Spouses’ bonds are truly unique, they come as new entrants in our lives that are going to stay with us through thick and thin for the remainder of our journey. Gifting choices for husbands are usually belts, perfumes and grooming kits. To make him feel loved and special, gift him a personalised wallet, beer mug or maybe even a 3D caricature of him. He is going to love that for sure, personalised offerings are a great way to showcase your feelings. For that extra mile, plan a surprise vacation, where the two of you could take a break from that hectic routine and enjoy some time together to romanticise and convey those deep feelings. Did we see any lovebirds blushing?

Birthday Gifts Ideas for Wife

Birthday gift ideas for wife is a tricky one for sure, but also the most special one perhaps. The gift should be such that makes her day memorable & strengthens the amazing bond greatly. Clothes, accessories, and perfumes are traditional options, to make it stand apart, a personalised handbag, a custom jewellery piece like a pendant, ring or even a plant! Yes, plants too have a sentimental value attached to them. To really surprise her, gift her a digital portrait, she would be blown away by the sheer art, trust us. There’s nothing more appealing than a photogenic portrait of her, not to forget the skyrocketing social media followers after then. Don’t forget to thank us later!

Birthday Gifts Ideas for Mother & Father

Parents are the cornerstones of any individual’s life, the way children mould their personality is reflective of their upbringing. There is no bond more selfless, secure and special than a parent-children bond. Gifting options for them need not be usual ones, they deserve to get something that connects with them and touches their heart. What better gift for them, than a custom digital portrait to showcase your emotions, feelings & love. The magnificent art would surely mesmerize them.

The icing on the cake could be a short trip with them, away from the distractions you spend some quality time together. Recalling those special times of your childhood, and maybe unwrapping that digital family portrait you just got done, would make a magical experience for sure.

Marking the Momentous Occasion Uniquely

So there you have it, a specially designed list of unique birthday gift ideas for your loved ones. These are truly distinct and special in their own ways, depending on the kind of relationship you have. But, one thing is for sure, you won’t go wrong with any of these. To play a memorable and different bid, we suggest you go with Digital Portraits, you could have one developed from existing photos or you could have one clicked if you wish. The result would be amazing, digital portraits bring to life the treasured memories to be cherished forever & significantly improve the appeal & aesthetics of your home decor.

Whichever way you go, just remember where you got these unique birthday gift ideas from & maybe, just in case send some gifts or hampers!

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