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Way To Write Product Descriptions That Sell More Products

You’ve already accomplished the difficult task of luring a potential customer to your product page. You have to now persuade them to click the “Add to cart” button on the website.

A compelling description of the goods is one of the things that can help you persuade potential customers to buy anything from you. When it comes to making purchases online, one of the areas that is consistently disregarded is the product description, despite the fact that it is one of the most crucial conversion elements.

One study found that inadequate or unclear product information was responsible for the failure of twenty percent of all orders.

What exactly is a “Item Description”?

It is not enough for a product description only to describe the product; besides, it must also sell the product. It should demonstrate what the product is, why it is worth buying, and contain specifics about the product’s characteristics and benefits.

The most effective product descriptions center their attention squarely on the buyer and incorporate the type of language that buyers typically employ. Imagine that you are in a store talking to the customer face-to-face, and then transform this into an online interaction; this will resonate with them better than anything else. You should not simply enumerate the features; rather, you should emphasize the benefits that will accrue to the purchaser. To put it another way, rather than selling a product, you should sell an experience.

Keeping this in mind, the following are seven of the most effective tips for writing product descriptions.

1. Be Familiar with Your Intended Audience

You need to have a firm grasp of your target market before you even begin writing your description. Find out where they are from, what gender they are, and any other pertinent information you can.

Read through your customer reviews to find out what people are saying about you and the product you sell. You may learn a lot about how people use your products and what they think about your firm by looking at videos on YouTube and other social media channels.

2. Put yourself in the position of the purchaser.

It is helpful to put yourself in the position of the buyer and navigate the website as you believe they would.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • What did you like/dislike?
  • How does it stack up against other listings that are available?
  • Why did you make the purchase, or why didn’t you make it?

3. Conduct Research on Your Keywords

People are able to locate products with the help of appropriate search terms known as keywords. It is helpful for sellers to know what keywords they are targeting and ranking for in order to maximize the product listing they have for their business. You should only utilize keywords that are pertinent, and you should add them to relevant locations within your listing such as the title and the product features where they are acceptable.

If you want to uncover keywords, you need to put yourself in the shoes of a potential consumer who is looking for your product. For assistance with your keyword research, you can make use of resources such as the Amazon Keyword Tool or the Google Keyword Planner.

4. Give Some Thought to Your Word Choices

You have probably come across the phrase “great product quality” in a number of different online product descriptions. While this is an acceptable phrase to use, the fact that it is so commonly used means that it has very little impact on potential customers. A consumer probably won’t hear the phrase “average product quality” from the seller, so the phrase becomes somewhat superfluous in their head.

According to Hubspot, employing particular terms can assist increase your sales and convert browsers into buyers. On the list are the words “you,” “value,” “do,” “imagine,” “see,” and “opportunity,” as well as their name.

5. Pay Attention to the Features and Benefits of the Product

Pay attention to any and every technical characteristics, as well as the benefits that they bring. Be specific. Goods details lend credibility to your product and assist in making sales.

6. Recount an Old Tale

Storytelling is not just a trendy marketing phrase; it’s also an excellent strategy to increase the number of people who convert on your product page.

One study found that buyers were 5 percent more likely to choose a bottle of wine with the winemaker’s story on the bottle as opposed to typical tasting notes for the same wine. In a surprising turn of events, they were also willing to pay an additional 6% for it.

A customer will be more likely to make a purchase from your company if the product description includes a brief narrative about the product.

Consider the following questions before beginning to tell a tale about your products:

  • Who was the manufacturer of the item?
  • Why did they choose to make this particular product?
  • What kinds of challenges did they face and how did they overcome them?

7. Make Use of Public Confirmation

According to research conducted by BrightLocal, 85 percent of us place the same amount of trust in online reviews as we do in personal recommendations, and 97 percent of consumers read online evaluations pertaining to local businesses.

Products that are in high demand and have received a significant number of favorable customer evaluations are likely to sell well.


That wraps up everything you need to know to compose an excellent product description that successfully turns site visitors into paying clients. Don’t fall into the trap of not giving the attention that your product descriptions deserve by not giving them the attention they need because product descriptions are an often-neglected aspect of an Amazon listing. Also, keep in mind that you should constantly concentrate on talking directly to your guests and addressing any worries or interests they may have.

A crucial element in the conversion process is social evidence in the form of favorable customer feedback. If you are an Amazon seller interested in obtaining more positive seller feedback and product reviews with minimal effort, you should think about automating the process of managing your feedback with FeedbackExpress. This will allow you to more easily meet your goals.

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