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What are the advantages of Cloud Server over Dedicated Server? 


In order to use the internet for commercial purposes and to generate sales, one must have a strong presence online. The best solution is to have an individual or company website. A company or individual needs hosting even if it has its own website. In the past, most people hosted their websites on dedicated servers. Recently, cloud computing has become a major player in the hosting industry. There is a lot of ongoing debate about the benefits of dedicated server hosting versus the benefits of cloud hosting. 

In this article, we will understand Cloud hosting India and Dedicated server hosting and why Cloud hosting is the better choice. 

What is Cloud Hosting? 

A cloud hosting India service provider handles the setup, infrastructure, security, and maintenance of the cloud on behalf of the organization. It is a process of outsourcing computing and storage resources to a service provider with a utility model. The cloud infrastructure uses hundreds of virtual machines (VMs) to load balance I/O demands and provide access to servers. Providers sometimes allow clients to customize hardware and applications. The cloud hosting model offers cheaper services than the traditional dedicated server model. It eliminates the need for companies to build and manage their own data centers.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting? 

Remote servers (traditionally known as dedicated servers) are remote and dedicated to specific persons, organizations, or applications. They are usually hosted and managed by a hosting provider or cloud service provider. There is only one server in the infrastructure for each customer, application, or service. Otherwise, multiple servers are available. Typically, dedicated servers are rented on a monthly basis that offers a specified amount of memory, hard disk space, and bandwidth to the client. 

Benefits of Cloud Hosting over Dedicated Server Hosting 

Since the time businesses became acquainted with Cloud hosting, there is no looking back for them. Cloud hosting offers a lot many features and flexibility as compared to other forms of traditional hosting. It is a much more economical and reliable option for businesses than other hosting solutions. 

Below we are listing some reasons why Cloud hosting is a better choice than cheap dedicated server hosting for businesses:  

Faster Speed 


Time is what most people lack, so cloud servers score higher than dedicated servers. Dedicated servers come pre-configured but require time and advanced computer skills to set up. However, cloud storage offers the advantage of ready-to-use, as well as the option of picking and choosing from a wide variety of plans. People with limited time will naturally choose a cloud server.

Highly Scalable


It is important for both companies to consider the issue of scalability. Scalability can occur vertically through the addition of hardware, or horizontally through tying the network together to distribute the load. Dedicated servers can take time since the backup process takes time.  

Furthermore, there is the issue of reliability. There are many viewpoints on this subject. Some swear by cloud servers, while those who favor dedicated servers do so. What matters is the quality of the service provider. 

Cloud servers can experience enormous pressure because the number of users can balloon out of control. This is not the case with dedicated servers since the number of users can be controlled. There is a problem with the management of virtual servers taking on too many customers and finding themselves lacking in crunch times.


In terms of money, cloud servers provide better value for money than dedicated servers. These servers lose resources when they are not used, whereas cloud servers have a pay-as-you-go service model. Because of this, cloud servers cost much less than dedicated servers. 

The cloud is a virtual server, therefore it does not lose resources. Both of these have their advantages, so it is difficult to say which is best for a given application. This may be why hybrid systems combine the benefits of both without most of the drawbacks.

Entrepreneurs with fast-growing businesses will benefit from cloud hosting since it is flexible and can be upgraded quickly. Cloud hosting is the latest in a rapidly changing field. 


Cloud hosting is undoubtedly the best choice for almost all businesses. However, it is the responsibility of the owner to pick which hosting solution best suits the business. Just make sure you check all the features of the hosting plan to enjoy a hassle-free experience. 





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