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What Developers Are Saying About Low Code Application Development Software

Progressive Web Application Development

Technology is advancing fast, and businesses must cope with the change to remain competitive. They must use various applications to digitize their incumbent process or enhance customer satisfaction. However, building these applications can take time and use several experienced IT resources. Low code application development can reduce development timelines and help faster innovation for businesses. They can ensure agility and prove to be a valuable investment for businesses.

What is Low Code Development?

Low code software development utilizes visual interfaces and drag and drop features which require little to no coding requirements to design new applications. There is no requirement for elaborate programming languages, and you don’t need advanced coding knowledge to use this technology.

It optimizes the development process by providing a visual approach and accelerates the delivery of applications. It helps automate the application lifecycle comprehensively by using different solutions. They can provide the building blocks to build applications and optimize internal workflows faster.

Factors Why Low Code Development is Gaining Steam

Businesses must address change faster, and they must be agile too. It is challenging to deploy experts, and the applications must require faster changes to adapt to the environment. No wonder the use of this technology is increasing. IT professionals may not know all the technologies that make these applications necessary.

The growing need for app development and the move to the cloud are other reasons for the growth of these applications. Moreover, the IT team must have great productivity as they have multiple projects to handle. These applications also provide the developers with the required transparency required in their projects.

Your business may not always have spare developers to work on the project. An intuitive design interface can also allow you to use semi-skilled resources to develop the application. You can optimize resource utilization for the projects and enhance creativity when building the apps. It can also help lower the costs required for designing any application.

Benefits of Low Code Application Development

Better business agility

The application has comprehensive capabilities to work on different devices. Low code applications can directly integrate with significant software through web services and APIs. The command lines can be used as the building blocks, ensuring that integrations occur faster. It also provides faster deployment of advanced technologies, which allows your business to stay ahead of its peers.

Faster iterations

As the environment changes, businesses too must evolve fast and adapt to the changing business environment. Hence, it is essential to edit the incumbent processes through quick iteration. It is possible only through low code applications. Provide the revision histories to ensure changes are faster. It is also essential to know that the incumbent workflows will run effectively.

Higher productivity levels

Developers are always looking for ways to be more productive. It will help them utilize the time to design more applications. A low code application is the simplest way out for them. Its use is increasing as we move towards automation. Advanced monitoring capabilities can inform the stakeholders when there is a risk of failure.

Reduced resource requirement

Project managers must search for ways to minimize project costs. The use of low code applications reduces the use of resources. It helps assimilate the required processes and helps the developers build the application within a shorter time frame. As the project timelines are lesser, the resources can move on with their core activities.

Improved customer experience

The developers can manage project risks properly. It allows them to carefully understand customer requirements and design the application that caters to the business requirements. Developers can assure a faster turnaround through progressive web application development and incorporate the features required by the client. It allows clients to monetize the application faster.

Faster follow-ups with the IT team

What do you think about the time you take to receive confirmation from your IT team before implementing software? The use of low code applications increases when you wish to reduce this timeline. Intuitive user interfaces make it easier to monitor the processes involved.

Low code applications provide better ROI

These applications reduce the project turnaround times and lead to lesser resource allocation and lower costs. It allows businesses to innovate faster and change their internal processes to face a challenging environment. They can be the next step in formalizing a digital business. It can severely impact ROI, which will increase after deploying these applications.

The maintenance costs are also reduced, and there is more reliability and security for the application. You no longer hire new developers to ramp up the project team when faced with a steep project timeline. The IT backlog of projects gets drastically reduced while the output is more optimized. As we discuss more on ROI, it is essential to know the metrics.

Metrics to Consider When Assessing ROI of Low Code Apps

IT expenses
Progressive web application development requires fewer single-point solutions for the business. It reduces the cost and the dependency on third-party applications. You need not hire too many developers and include semi-skilled resources in the project. Assess the ROI by considering the expenses you incurred when building the application with this platform. Also, consider the overheads and the resources you had to include for the project.

IT backlog
The project teams may work on complex projects that can take longer to finish. In such cases, it would be challenging to work on other projects. Most IT teams cannot efficiently manage multiple projects, so moving to this option is necessary. It can reduce the IT backlog and the turnaround time for big projects.

Stress factor
Most IT teams face chaos that can arise due to multiple factors. The amount of turmoil in projects can vary across companies, and the tolerance levels can change too. Using a low code option can help project teams manage project complexities better. The benefit for any organization is vast as it can help the business manage complex projects better by optimizing the processes involved.

IT output
Senior leaders of the business are always worried about the IT product. Your resources are blocked when there is a complex project at hand. However, low code apps can allow you to include semi-skilled resources in the project. It frees up the senior and skilled resources allocated to other core activities. When you calculate the outcome of the projects, you can effectively confirm that a low code option is better.

HCL Volt MX – Optimal Low Code Application Development for Reimagining Application

Businesses must have a faster turnaround for their applications which helps them monetize the application quickly. The HCL low code application development software can be the top priority for you. The single window platform can help build your application with a unified workflow, improve productivity, and automate critical business flows.

HCL Volt MX Allows businesses to engage all types of applications and empowers developers with low code options. It helps companies across the SDLC and improves the productivity of the team. It allows companies to innovate faster to solve business challenges. Some of the reviews on Gartner rightly state that it is “A great tool to build once and deploy anywhere with real low-code capabilities”. (Source: Gartner)


Companies are more inclined toward digitizing their processes using customized applications. However, with the limited availability of developers, they must move towards low code application development that semi-skilled employees can handle. It can also help faster go-to-market possibilities for the business.

HCL Volt MX helps transform your applications and design engaging experiences with a fast turnaround. It can help automate critical workflows and helps formulate a unified workflow. Schedule a demo today.

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