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What Internal Disease are Shown by Your Skin Marks?

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Many people experience facial scars. This can happen with age and can also cause scars on the face in youth. In our personality, the face has a basic characteristic. The first sight of the beholder goes to the face. If you have different types of scars on your face, it may be due to an illness or a skin problem. You can also book lab test online in Pakistan to find the cause of marks. But in any case, we should not be careless because inner beauty is just as important as outer beauty.

If you have scars on your face and don’t know which disease it is a sign of, don’t leave this blog to find out and get acquainted.

Scars on the skin of the face

Many Chinese doctors call our face the window to health. This is because our skin reacts sensitively to any defect and change in physical function. That is, if we get rashes on our face, then which part of our internal organs do we need to pay attention to?

If you have scars on these parts of your face, doctors know what problems you are having. Or you can confirm it with tests or book lab test online in Pakistan.

Marks on the forehead and eyebrows

If there are any marks or pimples on your forehead or eyebrows, it is an indication that the space between the eyebrows also shows the function and function of our liver. You need to pay attention to the health of your stomach and liver.

If you also have scars on your forehead, you should eat a low-fat diet and stop eating fast food. Also, reduce the use of fried foods. In addition, the use of alcohol can be harmful to you.

Marks on the nose

If you have nail pimples on your nose, it is a sign that you may have a heart problem. The main reason is stress. If we suffer from anxiety or depression, we may have a heart problem. We must consider protecting our hearts and facial skin.

We need to make our sleep schedule to solve this problem. Or lab tests can identify your problem. You can also book lab test online in Pakistan. Relax more often and find opportunities to be happy.


The Chinese doctor says that your ears are closely related to your kidneys and urinary system. If you get any marks on your ears, you should reduce tea and coffee consumption. In addition, we should reduce the use of salt because we also suffer from high blood pressure.

Too much salt is not good for kidney health. We should use as much water as possible to solve this problem.

Cheeks and cheekbones

Cheeks and cheekbones reflect your lungs. From the marks on the skin of the face, we know about the disease of any other organ. Scars on the cheeks indicate the health of your respiratory system. Also, the marks on the lower part of the cheeks indicate problems with your teeth.

Allergies can also be a cause. In that case, we should focus on the respiratory system. We must take a walk first. Fresh air should be taken. Or book lab test online in Pakistan to identify your problem. Also, quit smoking and avoid smoking areas. Eat less sugary foods and avoid sugary drinks.


If there are any marks around the lips on the skin of your face, they tell us about digestive problems. This can lead to intestinal problems and indigestion. You should completely avoid fast food to solve your digestive problem. Use as much fiber as possible in your diet.

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