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What is a new arrival in lab grown diamond earrings?

Lab Grown Diamond Earrings

So, you’re looking for some new lab grown diamond earrings to add to your jewellery collection, but you’re not sure what to get? Luckily, there are plenty of options out there, from simple studs and hoops to larger statement pieces. Whether you’re buying these as a gift or treating yourself, here are some suggestions to help you find the perfect pair of earrings that are sure to compliment your wardrobe and flatter your face shape.

What Is Lab Grown Diamond?

We’re certainly familiar with lab grown diamonds as an alternative to mined stones, but what exactly is a lab-grown diamond? It turns out, it’s just like any other diamond you’d buy from a jeweler. There certain chemical differences between them and mined diamonds (because they’re made in a lab), but for all intents and purposes, you couldn’t tell the difference by looking at them under a microscope. To make a long story short: Lab grown diamonds are real gems that provide many of the same properties as naturally occurring ones. They have excellent thermal conductivity and optical transparency, meaning they sparkle brightly (thanks to their abundance of nitrogen) and allow high levels of light to pass through lab grown diamond earrings.

Types of Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds fall into two main categories, both of which grown with chemical vapour deposition (CVD) and/or combustion synthesis. The first Type IIa, which includes colours such as green, yellow, orange and brown. These created by adding a specific mixture of gases to a controlled environment within a vessel known as a reactor. The second type is Type Ib diamonds, also called white or colourless gemstones; these produced in high-temperature reactors under strict conditions to ensure maximum purity. Unlike their naturally occurring counterparts, lab grown diamond earrings made in any colour on the spectrum ranging from blue to pink.

Why Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Most people know what lab grown diamond earrings are, but they don’t know why they should choose them over mined diamonds. It’s simple: a lab-grown diamond has exactly identical chemical, physical and optical properties as a mined diamond; there is no difference between them. That means you can purchase a lab-grown diamond at a lower price point than a mined diamond. That in turn enables you to create unique jewellery designs with enhanced quality that you couldn’t achieve with other gemstones or other types of jewellery. And because it come from an ecologically sensitive region, which impacted by mining, it is completely ethical as well.

How to Care For Lab Grown Diamonds?

How to Care for a lab grown diamond earrings: An Expensive Investment The quality of lab-grown diamonds is extremely high, rivalling even some of the most expensive natural diamond rings. Because of their value, it’s important to learn how to care for lab-grown diamonds. Despite what you may have heard, lab grown diamond earrings aren’t made from petrochemicals or other synthetic compounds; instead, they created in a laboratory using extreme pressure and heat (and sometimes other materials) to create diamonds that mimic those found in nature. Many people who own lab-grown diamonds use them as an investment due to their rarity and higher value than natural stones.

What lab grown diamond bracelets?

Lab grown diamond bracelets are wonderful for women to wear. Lab grown diamonds have amazing qualities that make them perfect for jewellery. It’s important that women understand what makes lab grown diamonds so valuable, and why they a great option when it comes to investing in a piece of fine jewellery. Most people think of an expensive stone when they hear a diamond ring, but many lab grown diamond earrings now available. Why is it important to invest in these pieces?

What lab grown diamond Pendants?

Lab grown diamond is most desirable in pendants and rings. You can now enjoy all of diamond’s brilliance, glamour and lustre, while reducing your carbon footprint. Lab grown diamonds are 100% eco-friendly with a natural look and unmatched value! These unique gems make great green alternatives to mined diamonds. giving you a beautiful piece of jewellery that lets you get away from mined issues. like depletion of important resources, environmental destruction and social problems.

A lab created gem with an ethically sourced metal offers a kinder choice for generations to come. We can help you shop smarter by featuring lab grown diamonds earrings made by our featured lab grown diamond earrings designers. Be sure to check out all our featured natural-diamond inspired designs as well!

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