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What is Micro Needling Melbourne

We always want to look fresh and young. We care about our skin more than we care about our health and that’s the fact. And there’s nothing wrong about wanting to look good. As they say “you feel confident when you look good”. People are becoming more and more conscious and aware about how to look their best and take care of their skin as well to not let the youth glow sleep out.

Many skin treatments are getting people’s attention as they treat the skin and give the desired results. Micro Needling Melbourne is one of them. It’s an invasive medical cosmetic procedure to induce collagens in your skin cells mainly. It stimulates collagen and results in addressing many skin issues.

How Micro Needling is Done?

Micro Needling Melbourne is practised with very tiny and extremely sharp needles to puncture the skin. These sterilized needles of the Dermaroller device open up the skin tissues and the closed pores. The pricking in the skin makes small wounds and promotes collagen and elastin production.

Now you might be wondering if it’s painful or not. Well let us assure you, Micro Needling Melbourne is not really painful. You feel a little warm, a sensation of skin stretching as the device is running all over your skin. The muscley area is not big of deal but the bonier area of your face, such as near your eyebrows, forehead, jawline or chin can be painful to treat.

When I Get to See The Results?

Micro Needling Melbourne is a cosmetic clinical procedure. It would take three to five months to see the final results. When the skin gets punctured, it starts healing itself. The blood flow to that certain skin area would increase, at the same time, more collagen induction would take place. As soon as the skin starts healing, newer skin tissues are born promoting skin to be healthier and more glowy.

Effects of Micro Needling Melbourne on Skin

Micro Needling skin treatment makes your skin look better. It promotes skin rejuvenation, better skin texture, prevents the signs of ageing and improves the natural glow. Nevertheless it treats acne and decreases the possibilities of acne showing up on the face. As those needles prick the skin, it opens the pores, and it’s generally known that open pores acts better and gives better results o f the creams applied on the skin for various purposes.

Micro Needling Melbourne also helps better skin radiation. By treating wrinkles and stretch marks, this procedure is getting popular every passing day. The procedure can be done at home too if you buy a correct Dermaroller device. But getting an expert is advisable as using the right device is necessary unless the skin cells could get more damaged than it´s needed or you might not get the wanted results. So if you decide to go for Micro Needling Melbourne, contact a skin expert.

What Are The Side Effects of Micro Needling Melbourne?

Although micro Needling does not cause any serious side effects on the skin in the long term.
But there are some temporary side effects which remain for a certain time. Those side effects are as below:
Swelling of the skin, temporary redness and inflammation of skin, skin flaking, little bleeding out of pores, bruising of the skin because of the punctures, changes in the skin pigments, dryer skin and itching are some commonly known after-effects of Micro Needling Melbourne.

Infections have a possibility as the skin becomes more vulnerable than before. But infections are rare.

After-Cares of Micro Needling Melbourne

When you get Micro Needling Melbourne for your skin. The after care includes no apply of scrubby creams as they can damage the skin which is already punctured. You should also avoid sunbathes, hot-bathes. You should also avoid heavy make-up, even, no makeup would be better. You’ll definitely feel some irritations and itchiness but make sure you don’t keep touching your skin.

If you´re going to get Micro Needling for better skin, make sure you know all the characteristics and always go to an expert.

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