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What to do if the key is stuck in the lock

The reason for such problems may be a fault in the locking mechanism. The WD-40 spray that the well must process will help you pull the key. After that, moving the key from one side to the other, you should remove it very carefully, with minimal effort, from the lock. To prevent a recurrence of the condition, it is recommended that the larva be replaced as soon as possible.

During key turns, the lock sticks

Two options are possible here.

  • The locking mechanism works well in the open door, but when it is closed, it tightens. The boring will solve the door frame problem where the locking bolt enters the groove.
  • The mechanism locks when the door is closed. Lubricating or cleaning the larva from dust, in extreme cases, replacing it, will help avoid problems.

Tangled tongue

Sometimes, when the lock is open, it is impossible to open the door because the tongue remains stationary when the door handle is turned. In this case, you will need to find some thin and flexible, but at the same time, rigid objects:

  • metal ruler;
  • plastic card not used
  • knife etc.

In place of the tongue between the canvas and the box, you should try to insert one of the selected objects and press it gently so that it penetrates as deep as possible and hooks to the tip of the tongue. After that, you should try to push the tongue out of the locking strip, applying some effort.

A similar situation can occur with a door latch. It is not entirely hidden inside the body in the “open” position. When the door is knocked, the protruding part enters the groove of the box, and the leaf is firmly attached to the door frame. A thin screwdriver or knife placed between the door leaf and the door frame will help push the latch back.

The lock broke

If the cylinder lock breaks, you will need to remove the cylinder after drilling the mechanism. You can also try hitting the cylinder with a hammer on an adequately sized hard object attached to the mechanism. Next, you should act on the drive mechanism and move the crossbars using a metal hook.

It would be wiser to entrust the problem with a lever lock to professionals. Only they can reliably determine the reason for its failure and help open the door to the problem.

It should be noted that it is much easier to open a locked lock from the inside. This is because firstly, everyone can have the necessary tools on hand. And secondly, with the doors inside to remove the locking mechanism, especially the aerial type, it will not be difficult.

He broke the key

If the key is broken in the lock, you have to pull the piece. When it comes out of the mouth, take the pliers and pull it out, and if it sticks to the mechanism, the task becomes more difficult. Next, you can remove the piece with a jigsaw blade and push it into the keyhole from the bottom with the teeth facing up. Then turn to get the key and carefully remove the blade along with the debris.

If there is a second key, there will be no further problems. If there is no key, you can use a hairpin or screwdriver. When it is impossible to get the fragment, you unscrew the lock and remove the broken key. If you can not pull the piece, you can open the door by removing it from its hinges.

Key to the door

Sometimes the key stays on the back of the door – for example, a child is locked in the room, which then closes, but can not open it on its own. You can remove the key as follows:

  • a newspaper or sheet of paper is pushed into the slot just below the keyhole.
  • With a pin or a fine knitting needle, push the key out with a nail.
  • When the key falls on the newspaper, it is pulled back into the room. And with the key in hand, the room opens.

Of course, the “cluster” above the door with a crowbar, the twisting of a lock, and other mechanisms always risk destroying the structure. Therefore, it is best to call an expert Locksmith Tampa, who will do everything neatly and without damage.

Problems with the plastic balcony door

If a plastic door is blocked – most of the time, problems occur with the balcony entrance, you need to remember its fragility. You have to remember this if you want to “penetrate” a metal-plastic door … Here, all the elements of the “hull” are made of not the most potent materials, and such doors are not designed for “military operations.” Of course, you can use force and break them, but this will follow repairs that will cost a lot.

Do not start with the lock immediately – the plastic door can be scratched if you start picking up the housing or locking it with sharp objects.

Most of the time, it starts to “tighten” when the position of the handle changes abruptly from “closed” to “ventilated.” In such a situation, the handle locks, and the structure hangs, resting on a lower corner – neither close nor open. What to do?

Cunning tools in hand


If the door to the apartment is knocked on and you have no key or just lost the key, you can open the lock with a simple hairpin or paper clip. To do this, the “tool” must be divided into two parts – one end is inside the lock and the other – to move the pins. The first thing you need to do is turn the lock. After that, the wire will do the same.

When attaching an internal latch, a regular clip will work well. However, if you have a locking lever, the door is pulled back, a wire is screwed into the lock, and the levers are pulled back. The main thing is that the debris does not fall into the mechanism.

For cylinder lock, the different working sequence with master key (pin):

  • a small hole is carefully drilled above the center hole.
  • The cap is raised with a hairpin, and the bolt hook is pushed back.

For a roller pin mechanism, you can drill a hole in the roller, insert a wire into it, and spin the roller with an option.


You can open almost any lock with a screwdriver (significant for a cross lock). The top of the lock is removed, a screwdriver is inserted into the keyhole, and the mechanism is turned. You can also do it if the DOOR LEVER is broken … If it is necessary to move the latch, you need to remove the front panel and find it with a screwdriver.

Most of the time, in locks with a latch, installed, part of the turn does not tighten when opening. Instead, the latch remains in the semi-open position. So then you have to push the door with a crowbar for a few millimeters.

Categories in the list of materials:

Unforeseen problems can arise at the most inopportune moment. The situation can be theatrical if the door is not opened. Of course, I would like to solve this problem without drastic measures involving installing a new lock and a leaf. What to do if the door is locked? First of all, do not panic and try to find the cause of the problem. In some cases, you can find an easy way to open a metal door yourself if the lock is locked. If the attempt is unsuccessful, a particular service may be in place.

There are many reasons to lock a door lock. Let’s look at the most common:

  • damage to a door or lock;
  • misuse of the door lock or the door itself;
  • the door was installed incorrectly.
  • construction defects;
  • entry of third party objects into the locking mechanism;
  • if a dual key made of low-quality material is used.

Each of these reasons brings several complicated cases that may arise at the most inopportune moment.

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