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What You Need to Know About Delta Cancellation Policy

Delta Cancellation Policy

Delta Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy

In modern times, people are not taking life as a life, they suppose it to be like a race. A race where everyone want to become best of best. That is not a bad thing, but sometimes for this race, we actually lose our those loved ones for which we are earning for, even living for. We must take out sometime for our loved ones, or even we can take a break for own-self. If possibilities occur that we have to call off our plans because of some reasons. In that case, we have to go through with the Delta Airlines Flight Cancellation policy to avoid of losing our patience-efforts.

Basic Economy Ticket Cancellation in Delta Airlines

If you are looking to book a basic economy class ticket, you have to be aware about its cancellation policy. In this fare ticket, a passenger can only cancel its reservation within the 24-hours of the booking, with a refund amount. Afterward, you are not allowed to cancel the booking. As per the Delta Cancellation Policy in Basic Economy Tickets you do not need to pay any cancellation fees and even you fare amount will be refunded in the original form of payment.

Non-Refundable Ticket Cancellation in Delta Airlines

In non-refundable ticket cancellation process, the passenger can cancel its booking with some cancellation charge of 0 to $500 that can be vary according to the origin of travel and the distance. The cancellation charge will be deducted from your original fare amount and the minus will be credited to you Delta eCredit account.

Refundable Ticket Cancellation in Delta Airlines

Cancellation in refundable tickets is found to be the best. The reservation can be cancelled at-least 3-hours prior to the flight departure and there will be no cancellation charge and you will also get the full refund amount.

Award Ticket Cancellation in Delta Airlines

Delta Award Ticket Cancellation is as same as other tickets i.e. you can cancel your award ticket without paying any cancellation fee. But there is an exception of basic economy tickets, you are not allowed to cancel the reservation after the 24-hours risk free cancellation period.  If you do, you have to pay cancellation fees in miles. For instance, 9900 miles is the charge for short-haul trips and 19900 miles is the charge for long-haul trips.

Flight Cancellation Policy in Delta Airlines

  • As per the policy, the passenger can cancel its flight before 2 hours prior of flight schedule departure but the ticket reservation must be before a week or more old.
  • Delta Airlines also offer 24-hours risk free cancellation period for all the fare tickets with full amount refund.
  • After the 24-hours risk free cancellation period, different fare tickets like refundable, non-refundable and award tickets can be cancelled but the refund amount can vary.
  • Delta also provide a facility of changing the flight, if by some chance the cancellation of the flight couldn’t happen.
  • Basic economy tickets can’t be cancel after the 24-hours risk free cancellation period.
  • If some circumstances occur under the full control of Delta Airlines due to which the airlines is forced to cancel its flight, in that case the airlines offer some compensation according to cancellation’s demand.
  • Refund amount can be expected within 7-business days of the flight cancellation.

24-hours risk free cancellation period in Delta Airlines

As per the 24-hours risk free cancellation policy, those passengers who book their ticket directly through the delta website i.e. “” or from an app named “fly delta”. Under US Dot Advisory, Delta Airlines offers 24-hours risk free cancellation period.

As per the policy, the passenger is free to cancel its flight within the 24-hours risk free period without any cancellation charge and with a full fare refund.

This policy carries some exception i.e.:-

  • Award Tickets from SkyMiles do not comes under this policy.
  • Group bookings of more than 9 passengers are also exempted.
  • Booking purchased with e-Certificate is also exempted.

Flight Cancellation policy for Medical reason in Delta Airlines

As per this policy, if the passenger sudden fall ill before the flight departure, it can cancel the flight. But he need to show some proof or any kind of document.

Flight Cancellation policy due to weather in Delta Airlines

If Delta Airline cancel its flight due to bad weather, it offer the passengers to claim for full refund according to its fare type. 

Flight Cancellation Policy due to Military Order

In some cases, Military personnel also travel with Delta Airlines. If it need to cancel its flight due to the change in military orders, the airline do not charge any cancellation fee and the officer can also claim for full refund.

No show cancellation policy in Delta Airlines

According to the No-show policy of Delta Airlines, if a passenger fails to board the flight even after the confirmed booking, it will comes under No-show. In that case, Delta Airlines has a right to seize the total fare amount and can also add a penalty. This policy is applicable in all fare types.

This info applies when the passenger cancel its flight own-self. But, due to the occurrence of some issue in flight and Delta Airlines need to cancel its flight. In that case, Delta offers a compensation to the passengers with some terms:-

  1. If the flight is delay with 2 hours, the passengers are offered with free-charge meal as a compensation.
  2. In case, if your flight is delayed for 6 hours, delta will provide you an alternate flight, the passenger is also eligible to claim for refund. By chance, if the alternate flight is scheduled for the next day, Delta offer overnight stay to their passengers.
  3. If some unfavorable weather conditions occur, and Delta need to cancel its flight. The passenger can claim for refund or even it can rebook an alternate flight. Remember, the passenger can only claim for refund when the airline notified about the cancellation of the flight within 14 days to its departure.
  4. In case, the passenger misses its connected flight to the canceled flight, he is eligible to claim for refund or a free booing.
  5. Due to overbooking, Delta denies the passenger to board the flight. The passenger can claim for full refund as its compensation.
  6. The Compensation amount can be range up to 200% of the original fare.

Flight Change Policy in Delta Airlines

In assistance of flight cancellation policy, Delta Airlines also provide their passengers to change their flight facility. With some terms and conditions, this facility comes under Delta Airlines flight change policy.

  • Delta Airlines flight change policy is completely depends upon the ticket and class of the flight.
  • In any fare, the passenger must change its fight 24 hours prior to the time of its departure. The passenger must pay the difference of pay between new booking and prior booking.
  • If the passenger wants to change its flight under refundable ticket, the left fare amount will be refunded to the passenger in the form of original payment mode.
  • Delta flight change policy in non-refundable tickets, the passengers will get rest amount fare in its Delta eCredit for future Delta flight.
  • If the passenger has a basic economy ticket, he is not allowed to change the flight after the 24 hours of his original booking.
  • In an award ticket of the passenger, the rest of the Delta SkyMiles will also be refunded.
  • Delta notifies about their passengers with reason in any change or delay in the scheduled flight within 14 days of flight departure. In this condition, the ticket is subjected to ‘revalidated’ after 72 hours when the flight change.
  • The new or ‘revalidated ticket carries information about new flight date, time, reservation class.

Refund policy due to kicked off from the plan

This situation rarely occurs when the Delta Airlines kick off the passenger who are suspicious and creating disturbance in the flight.  In this situation, the passenger is liable to claim for refund for the unused portion of the ticket.

Here, are the some mostly asked question by the people.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

  • Do Delta waive the cancellation fees for all fares?

Yes, Delta Airlines will waive your cancellation fees for all fares, when you cancel your flight within 24-hours risk free period.

  • Can I get to know if my flight got cancelled?

Yeah, Delta Airlines notifies you about the cancellation of the flight with a reason prior 14 days of flight departure. Still customers can track their flight directly through the Delta website or Delta app i.e. or Fly Delta app respectively.

  • What is minimum prior time to cancel the Delta Flight?

The passenger can cancel its flight before 2 hours of the flights scheduled departure time.

  • In how much time the Delta Compensate to their passengers for the cancellation of the flight?

Passengers who booked their flights with credit will be compensated within 7 to 10 business days. Those who booked with cash will be get compensated in 20 business days.

  • Can a passenger can change its flight twice?

Yes, the passenger can change its flight twice, until he pay the change fees and fare difference.

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