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What’s trending in Dubai in 2022 – Upcoming events


Dubai! It’s such a fantastic place where one can visit to experience many adventures and hot weather. Apart from the brown sand, it is known for its attraction point Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Also, it comes with a smashing nightlife for night lovers to live every moment of the night.

It’s not finished yet! With artificial islands, accommodation options, diversities, delicious food, and mesmerizing views from the island, it has become a tourist hotspot. As a result, it is hard to tell you precisely about “what’s trending in Dubai.”

The trend changes rapidly from the adventure in Deep Dive Dubai, Food & Drink Kinoya, Golf, and other upcoming events. And the best thing is that you can quickly contact a rental company to “rent Audi A6 in Dubai” or your favorite sports or exotic cars to reach event destinations.

In this article, we will discuss the upcoming events in Dubai and many exciting things to do. So, without wasting time, let’s learn about them from the following.

Upcoming events in Dubai

Dubai is famous for many things, including cars, gold, and diamonds. Therefore, there is no doubt that you can have a fantastic vacation trip in Dubai. However, despite that, you can visit Dubai for its upcoming events, which are world-famous fests, and most people around the globe know about them. So, if you think about “what’s trending in Dubai,” we can inform you about the following things on your way.

Dubai summer surprises 

The Dubai Summer Surprises is an exhibition that starts immediately after the school closes in Dubai for summer vacations. Many local parents or tourists across the world “rent Audi A6 in Dubaior other cars and reach the exhibition destinations. 

The various exciting deals on accessories, clothes, electronics, and school supplies are available at this event. You can also get heavy discounts and incredible deals on them. For more fun and excitement, it offers the kids entertaining options that a family can enjoy as well. The various restaurants, hotels, and malls participate in DSS, and this event starts on 30th June and ends on 3rd September every year.

Dubai fitness challenge

The prince of Dubai, Sheik Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, introduced the Dubai fitness challenge. The primary purpose of this event is to challenge or encourage locals to have a healthy lifestyle. Locals have to continuously participate in this event for 30 minutes for 30 days. 

In this event, this becomes a playground for fitness enthusiasts because the free fitness classes open their doors in the entire emirates. The date will be announced for 2022 soon. 

Dubai design week 

What’s trending in Dubai includes the most famous and well-known event called Dubai design week. The direct purpose of this event is to celebrate the creative communities of Dubai by organizing exhibitions, art installations, and events throughout the whole city. So, if you are an art lover and love to explore exciting collections in different places, this event is for you. But, you have to wait for the dates because dates are not yet confirmed for 2022.

Dubai rugby sevens

Another world-famous event straight from Dubai is its World Rugby Seven Series. It is the longest-running sports event organized in Dubai every year. The top international teams compete with each other in this event and create a nail-biting moment to win the trophy. 

This exciting sport attracts sports lovers worldwide to watch the breathtaking moments from The Sevens Stadium in Dubai. You can rent Audi A6 in Dubai or other favorite cars like Lamborghini or Ferrari from the rental companies and reach the stadium before the event starts. The event starts in December every year.

National day celebration

Dubai is home to many fests, and out of them, the national day celebration is one of the most popular events, celebrated on December 2nd every year. The UAE got its independence on this precious day, and locals celebrate this event full of fun, excitement, and happiness. 

Furthermore, they decoratively celebrate this festival with UAE’s flag and colors. With that, you will see the parades, fireworks, and only celebrations in Dubai. Recently, Dubai celebrated its 50th National Day in Hatta. It is expected to be more exciting, thrilling, and lit this year. 

Dubai shopping festival

Women mainly prefer this festival. With the crazy deals, heavy discounts, and big brands, this event is full of exciting things to shop for. Thus, we have included this event in our list of what’s trending in Dubai, and it is one of the most significant events. Most tourists and locals visit here from the other termini. 

Also, along with shopping, people can enjoy the fireworks, concerts, and family-friendly events, which is why it attracts many people around the world. The events end on January 30th every year. 

Emirates airline festival of literature

One of the best festivals in Dubai includes the Emirates airline festival of literature. It is included in the international literary festivals in the world. Most locals and visitors can enjoy exploring the wealth of literature for two weekends. It is from February 3rd to February 13th. 

Apart from the other yearly events, you can enjoy the Arab Fashion Week, Gitex Shopper event, and other spectacular car events in Dubai that offer many things to do. 


Dubai is not just a land of a few artificial islands, Burj Khalifa, and luxurious hotels. It is famous for many events and festivals too. So, you can “rent Audi A6 in Dubai” or your favorite cars to reach event destinations. Therefore, we have included a few most vital events in this blog.

Starting from the Dubai summer surprises and Dubai fitness challenge to Dubai shopping festivals, you can get many things to explore, shop, do, and play. You can also come here with your kids to enjoy a few kid-friendly activities during these festivals. 

In the end, we would like you to choose one of your favorites on this list and enjoy it for once. You will get a diverse experience and explore Dubai differently.

So, pack your bags before this event starts and reach the event destinations to have fun. We hope you have gotten what you want from us in this blog. Also, please comment if you want any further information.

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