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Why CBC Matters For Depression Sufferers

More than 7% of adults in the United States are diagnosed with depression, and that number continues to change as people are more stressed, the state of the world changes, and stress becomes a part of everyday lives. Sadly, depression can be incredibly difficult to treat and has many causes. Fortunately, with proper mental health treatment, self-care, and even products like cannabichromene oil, people can get the help they need to fight back against the symptoms of depression.

What is Cannabichromene?

Cannabichromene is also known as CBC, not to be confused with the more popular compound that comes from marijuana – CBD. CBC is actually also derived from marijuana, but it is found in fewer amounts and can be thought of as a weaker version of THC. CBC is one of the best compounds to emerge in recent decades for depression sufferers. That’s because studies have shown that CBC and Delta-9 have a positive effect on mental health and can help reduce symptoms of depression.

In addition, other effects of CBC include helping reduce chronic pain, as it acts as an analgesic. Sadly, chronic pain is a reality for many Americans, which can also lead to feelings of depression. CBC serves as an important tool to fight against not just depression, but also symptoms of pain, making it incredibly effective and a life-saver for chronic pain and depression sufferers.

How to Use CBC

It can be relatively difficult to find CBC products. However, they can be combined with CBD to create a total balanced product that helps induce relaxation and focus. CBC can also be found in oils, which can be mixed with other tinctures or even cooked into treats. As studies continue to emerge, so too will products using CBC for the benefit of people with depression.

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