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Why is Melbourne an Ideal Study Abroad Destination

If you are looking for a global education, lively culture and fulfilling life, Melbourne is the place for you. It is an ideal study abroad destination with a number 1 rank in Australia. Melbourne is ranked 8th in the world employability stats. No wonder the city attracts thousands of international students each year. This article will discuss why Melbourne is an ideal study destination. If you are looking for student accommodation in Melbourne, you can browse through this. The success of your study abroad will greatly depend on student accommodation Melbourne.

World Renowned Institutes

Melbourne is home to some of the best unis worldwide. They include the University of Melbourne, RMIT University, La Trobe University among others. From chemical engineering to agri science and arts, the options on courses are endless. If you are enrolled at the University of Melbourne, be sure to find accommodation nearby. Student accommodation near University of Melbourne will save you travel time and cost. Therefore you will get more time to spend on extracurriculars and increase your skill set.

Employment Convenience

Reputed research companies have their offices in Melbourne. Companies like Bosch, IBM, Commonwealth Bank have major offices here. Besides all this you can be assured of professional growth. Colleges in this city have tie ups with big brands to offer to students. Melbourne ranks really high in the world employability list because of this. Student accommodation Melbourne should ideally be equipped with all amenities. Moreover much of your success is dependent on the right student accommodation Melbourne that feels like home.

Most Livable City

Time and again, Melbourne has been voted the most livable city of the world. It has a well connected public transport system like bus, train and ferry. The city is one of the safest with a negligible crime rate. Student accommodation near Melbourne University is the safest of all. Since it is located right at the heart of the city with all essentials nearby. Melbourne has beautiful natural parks, affordable pubs where you can indulge in once a while. Student accommodation Melbourne is often located near major transit spots. Therefore you can even go for backpacking trips on weekends.

Student Scholarship

Melbourne colleges provide a lot of support to international students. The University of Melbourne has generous scholarships for undergrad courses. Colleges also assist students with the language, provide finance and help to network. Student accommodation Melbourne comes with common areas where you can connect with friends and peers. Student accommodation provides amenities such as lounges, gym, games room and much more. A peer network can sometimes even get you industry internships.

A Foodie’s Heaven

Melbourne is a foodie’s heaven with lots of affordable joints for students. From food trucks to small stalls and elite restaurants and the options are endless. Student accommodation is located near such city centers. Students can indulge in local cuisine without exhausting their pocket money. Besides that, student accommodation Melbourne comes with a fully equipped kitchen. Moreover there you can easily make delicious meals with local ingredients.

Diverse Culture and Community

Melbourne is a hub of culture and diverse community. For those interested in arts, there is the classical and underground art scene. Melbourne is the sporting capital of Australia. There is also a variety of adventure sports to choose from. If you are a movie lover, head to the Australian Center of Moving Image for a show. Interact with the student community at your student accommodation near University of Melbourne. Melbourne has an inclusive culture where you will feel at home. Moreover the city’s streets are magical – full of live musicians and frequent street parties.

Explorer’s Paradise

Melbourne has beautiful islands, beaches, wildlife reserves and landscapes. It is an explorer’s paradise where you can go backpacking every week. Student accommodation connects you with light rail and train so you can travel easily. Besides this visit Phillip Island for the famous penguin parade. You can also head to the Koala Conservation center for some fun activities. Moreover if you love beaches, there is accommodation from where the nearest beach is a few minutes away.

Student Accommodation Melbourne

Melbourne has affordable student accommodation for you to select from. There are a range of rooms from ensuite to shared apartments. Moreover you can have your own private studio with a self contained kitchen and ensuite bathroom. Or you can opt for roommates with shared apartments. Student accommodation near University of Melbourne has excellent amenities like parking, on-site laundry among others. Moreover the rooms are fully furnished for a comfortable stay.

Moreover overall Melbourne is pretty much an all rounder for international students. Avail a world class education and global exposure. Reap benefits of the industry exposure with corporate internships at big brands. Besides all this enjoy the welcoming community and rich heritage of this city. That feels no less than a second home.

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