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Why Pitard Group Is Highly Popular | Get Best Homes And Apartments In Melbourne Victoria In 2022

Connect with Pitard Group and get best homes in Victoria.

When you hear Pitard group in Melbourne, the first thing that should come to mind is “the best and most recommended real estate agency in Melbourne Australia”. You will find out why we say so in this article. So I urge you to read on.

Pitard Group is a fast-growing development, construction, and real estate firm. We are specializing in everything from site acquisition through the building, sales, and property management. Their approach to real estate is one-of-a-kind and completely integrated. They have decades of experience in the industry and a proven track record of excellence and expertise.

The real estate team at Pitard Group is usually tasked with determining the marketing of the property, developing the building program and design, obtaining the necessary public approval and financing, building the structures, and renting, managing, or selling the property according to the client’s specifications.

The major duties of Pitard group real estate agency include:

First One

List and sell their client’s properties; A Pitard group real estate agent, also known as a seller’s agent or listing agent, assists property owners in selling their homes. When a seller wishes to sell their home, they usually call the Pitard Group real estate agent to handle the process. With the seller’s best interests in mind, their real estate agent will appropriately price the property, list it, and advertise it to possible purchasers using their market knowledge.

Second One

Buy properties for their clients: Pitard group real estate agents assist customers looking to buy a home by offering advice and services to assist them in finding a home that meets their needs and completing the transaction procedures. they Assist buyers in locating all properties in their selected area that is within their budget and fulfil their criteria. When a buyer decides to make an offer, we assist them in drafting their initial offer and purchase agreement.

Third One

Accompany clients to the property’s location: When Pitard group real estate agents are employed to assist their customers in purchasing houses, they ensure they frequently accompany them to the inspection site. They employ their expertise and experience to determine the property’s value, ensuring that their clients get the best bargain possible and do not overpay.

Fourth One

Maintenance of the property: Pitard group real estate agents also assist their clients with property maintenance. The majority of the time, the owners of this property or properties are either too busy or too far away from their properties to attend to them. In such a case, the property owner employs a Pitard group real estate agency to manage the properties. When this occurs, it is the agents’ responsibility to maintain the properties, repair any damage, and notify the owner of any new developments.

FAQs about Pitard group

What does Pitard group do?

Pitard group helps people in purchasing or selling a home or other piece of real estate. As a result, their real estate agent works in their client’s best interests to obtain the greatest bargain, and then they are compensated entirely by a commission—a portion of the property’s purchase price. In other words, their salary is contingent on their ability to consummate a sale.

Where is Pitard group located?

Pitard Group real estate agency development firm is based in Melbourne, Australia, at 425A Hampton Street, Hampton VIC 3188.

Is Pitard group licensed:

Yes, Pitard group is licensed according to Melbourne’s requirements for property developers. Which is the Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice (CPP41419).

Who is the CEO of Pitard group?

Maurice Pitard is the CEO of Pitard Group, and the company’s name is derived from his surname called Pitard.

What are customers saying about Pitard group?

“Professional and well-informed team is what you will find when you work with Pitard group. They are the absolute best in real estate dealings. They make real estate processes seamless and time-framed. You should hire their agents for your real estate needs!” ~Lisa

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