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Why You Should Learn Tajweed To Recite The Quran?

The Arabic word Tajweed linguistically means “proficiency”, “doing something well” or  “to beautify something”. Whereas technically it means “to give every letter its right with its description and its origination. 

The application of tajweed in the recitation of the Holy Book of Allah means giving every letter of the Quran its rights and dues of characteristics. Tajweed basically is a set of rules that apply to Arabic letters in different situations. These rules are required for the correct pronunciation of letters. 

By observing the essential characteristics of each letter, you give them their rights. By observing them at certain points, you give letters their dues. How to and where to apply these rules can easily be learned under the guidance of a qualified teacher. Online tajweed classes in this regard are of great help. Numerous websites offer online tajweed classes to teach people the rules of tajweed to improve their recitation of the Quran. 

The best quran tutors occurred with tajweed rules being applied to each letter of the Holy text. Every time a verse was revealed, the angel Jibreel recited it in a certain way and taught the Prophet (PBUH) in which it could be recited correctly. The sole purpose of tajweed is to beautifully recite the Quran following the rules.

History of tajweed

In the early days of Islam, there was no need for tajweed rules because that’s how the Arabs naturally talk. But with the spread of Islam and the mixing of Arabs with non-Arabs, mistakes in the Quranic recitation began to rise. 

People made mistakes in the pronunciation of the words. This gave rise to the need for rules to guide people with the correct recitation. So, the scholars recorded the set of rules called tajweed. Even Arabs today have to study tajweed to improve their recitation.

The importance of Tajweed

It is important to learn Quran with tajweed as it 

  • Makes the reciter recite the Holy Quran beautifully
  • Makes the reciter proficient by improving 
  • Prevents the reciter from making any mistakes that could otherwise be made without the knowledge of tajweed  

The correct and clear recitation of the Holy Quran is important. In order to avoid any mistakes, ambiguity, and misunderstanding, the study of tajweed is significant and helpful. In the Holy Quran Allah says:

“And recite the Quran with measured recitation.” [Qur’an 73:4]

The word “at-Tarteel” used in the verse means tajweed of the letters and knowing where to stop (correctly). This shows the significance of the tajweed in reciting the Quran with correct pronunciation and melodious style. 

Tajweed tells you where to stop, where to take pauses, and how to pronounce words correctly. It explains the correct use of heavy accent and low accent using the manner of articulation. So, by applying the rules of tajweed while reciting the Quran, you make the recitation sound more beautiful and moving. 

Mistakes in the recitation

There are two general kinds of mistakes that one can make during the recitation of the Holy Quran. These are:

  • Clear mistakes 
  • Unobvious (hidden) mistakes

The one with no knowledge of tajweed is more prone to making mistakes. However, if you know what tajweed is and what its rules are, you can avoid these mistakes. And this is precisely what tajweed is for. Learn the rules via online sites as online tajweed classes are one of the most convenient ways to learn tajweed. 

Multiple qualified and recognized scholars make learning quite simple and easy. You can also learn and study tajweed independently. But with online tajweed classes, you get to hear scholars recite the Holy Quran. Listening to the recitation of the online teachers is indeed the best way to improve your own recitation.

Principles of Arabic letters

The knowledge of tajweed improves the recitation to a great extent. It is with the knowledge of tajweed that you learn about the principles of the Arabic letters. These principles are important for the correct pronunciation of the letters. There are five main principles associated with Arabic letters, these include: 

  1. Articulation point
  2. Flowing of air 
  3. Flowing of sound
  4. Sound degree 
  5. Sound duration

Ways and tips to learn tajweed

  • Find a Quran teacher who has complete knowledge of tajweed. 
  • Take online tajweed classes from a recognized and known website to improve your recitation.
  • Listen to Quran tapes of reciters who recite clearly and eloquently. Repeat after them to ensure the correct application of tajweed in your recitation.
  • Apply the rules you have learned to the chapters of the Quran you have already memorized.
  • Practice is the key. Repeat and practice the recitation regularly. To quote Ibn al-Jazaree, 

If you want to learn ILETS

‘And there is no obstacle between it (learning Tajweed) and leaving it, Except that a person must exercise his mouth with it!’


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