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7 Ring Stacking Tips

Similar to bracelet layering, ring stacking is a fashion trend and a way to express your style through your love for precious metals.

You can also decide to stack to honor a milestone or occasion in your life. For example, you can put on an anniversary ring on top of your wedding ring.

Many people think they can only stack wedding or engagement rings, but this isn’t the case. You can layer an expendable ring or any other ring without any problem.

Are you thinking about layering your rings? There are several tips you need to consider to pull off the perfect look. These tips include:

Mix and match the different metals

You don’t want to appear boring and cliché, do you? To ensure this doesn’t happen, avoid wearing rings of the same metal. A good rule of thumb is to wear rings of two or more metals.

Pick a dominant color, then incorporate 2-3 pieces of your second color metal and stick with it throughout your stack.

If you are unsure about how to go about it, wear a yellow, rose, or white gold stack.

Don’t stack all the fingers.

When the stacking craze kicks in, it’s easy to get carried away, and you stack all the fingers. Don’t do this.

A good way to go about it is to stack just enough. Stack a maximum of four fingers at a time and leave one finger bare.

This way, you create a more balanced and cohesive look, instead of an overwhelming one.

Most people leave the pinky or thumb bare, but you can leave any fingure of your liking.

Pile the rings

If you love slim rings, you can proceed and stack them on top of each other on the same finger to create a more textured look. For the ring colors to pop, add one ring with a stone in the middle of the stack.

Play around with the ring placement

If you want to create a visually intricate, but balanced ring stack, play around with how you place the rings. There is no defined way to do it. Simply switch your ring placement and pull the rings into and out of your stack until you feel you have achieved the perfect stack.

Vary the ring weights and shapes

When you stack a mix of different types of weights and shapes, you create a visual balance that gives you an attractive look.

If you have a statement ring, keep the others simple so that they don’t compete.

Does stacking rings damage them?

When you do it correctly, you won’t damage the rings. The best way to ensure that you don’t damage your rings is to stick to the same metal type. This means that you should have a 14k band below a 14 k band.

If you stack a 14k band below an 18k metal band, there is the risk of the rings getting scratched up, and no one wants scratched jewelry, right?

Don’t be in a hurry

Few people start with a full set of rings to stack, so you should be patient and slowly build your collection. The cool thing is there is no limit to the number you can collect or a number of rings you can stack—your creativity limits you.

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