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How to Reserve your App Name?

The evolution of mobile technology and the internet has increased the demand for mobile applications. From business to entertainment, games to fitness, users prefer and expect an app for almost every service available in the market.

That said, if you are a business thinking about building an app or already have an app, it is best to reserve its name. This concept is similar to trademarking your business logo, slogans and other intellectual properties.

So, if you have been asking yourself questions such as, “Can I reserve my app name?” or “how to reserve my app name?” this post is for you.

Reserving your app’s name ensures that nobody else in the domestic or international market can use it. Therefore, as you start developing your app, it is best to consider reserving your app name. But what if you are using a third-party app developer?

For instance, if you are an LA-based company, you can hire an app development company in Los Angeles and ask them to help reserve your app name. On the other hand, you can take action to secure the name of your mobile application once the app development company in LA has delivered your app.

So, how do you reserve an app name? Let us dive right in to find out.

How Can You Reserve an App Name?

We know that Android and IOS are the two major platforms for building mobile applications. Therefore, you must learn how to reserve an app on both the Android marketplace, that is, Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. 

This will ensure that no one on either platform or marketplace can use your app name. However, your cost of app development may vary for both platforms. 

How to Reserve Your IOS App Name on App Store?

Apple allows you to reserve your IOS app name so no one can use, copy or steal it. In order to do so, follow these five simple steps.

  •         First, log in to your iTunes account.
  •         Once you are logged in, go to the option “MY Apps.” Look at your window’s top right corner to find this option.
  •         Now press “Add New App.”
  •         Enter all the information required for your new app. However, you must have your app bundle in order to complete this section.
  •         Lastly, select the option “Create”, and your IOS app name is now fully reserved and protected from copying.

Apart from reserving an app name on App Store, you must check and secure the following as well.

  •         Register and reserve a domain name for your app.
  •         Create your social media business page for your app, so no one else can use your app’s name to deceive your customers. You must use the leading social media networks for this practice, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat and others.

How to Reserve Your Android App Name?

While Android is a user-friendly platform, you cannot reserve an app name on this platform. However, you will find multiple android apps with similar names. Therefore, you are under no obligation to secure your app name on Google Play Store.

It is entirely your choice whether you want to give your app the same name as any other application already available on the Play Store. 

How to Choose an App Name?

Whether it is an iOS app development process or you wish to create an Android app, choosing an app name is one of the most important aspects of the process. The app name must be unique, easy to remember and something that will pique your potential audience’s interest.

Therefore, you must choose an app name representing your brand while attracting your customer’s attention.

5 Tips to Choose a Name for Your App

If you are wondering how to choose a name for your app, here are five tips that will help you.

Tip #1 – Avoid Differentiators

You must stay away from using trailing differentiators. It is best not to use any information about your app at the end of your application’s name. The system or app store UI will truncate such information, and your user might miss it and display the wrong version of your app.

In case you have to use the differentiator in the name, you must use a different logo and/or image for each version of your mobile app.

Tip #2- Emojis are a big No No!

Never include any emojis in your app name. The app store will not allow you to reserve an app name containing unsupported characters or emojis.

Tip #3 – Keep it Unique

While you may research the name of apps that offer similar services to yours, it is always best to be original and come up with your name. You have to ensure that your application name is unique enough for consumers. This will help avoid any instances of your customers downloading apps other than yours.

Tip #4 – Refrain from Using Others Trademarked Names

As tempting as it may be to use a name that resembles other big brands in your niche, it is best never to use any trademark names. Just make sure that the name you wish to use is not a trademarked name.

This means you have to research and ensure that no other business uses an app, website or other services using the same name as a mobile application. Failing to do so may result in legal issues in the future.

Tip #5 – Short Names are in Fashion

The best approach to choosing an app name like tiktok is to keep it short. However, the name of your application can contain 256 characters. This is because the app store has set a limit on the space your app name needs for display.

If your app name is longer than 256 characters, the display section will truncate it based on the available space in the app store. Furthermore, a user’s mobile phone display setting and size may also shorten your app name.


Now that you know how to reserve your mobile app name, it is time to begin your app development process. Suppose you are a LA or California-based business. In that case, hiring an app development company in Los Angeles is best to help you build a seamless and interactive mobile application as per your requirements and budget.


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