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Learn Paschimottanasana in 90 seconds, the waist will be thin, the body will be fit

Do you know that you can learn to do Paschimottanasana in just 90 seconds and can also practice it in another 90 seconds? Yes, doing Paschimottanasana is not only easy but it also does not take much time to learn. But let us tell you that before doing any yoga posture, be patient, know the method of doing it well, only then do any asana. However, Paschimottasana has got a special place in the yoga world. It has many benefits such as thinning of the waist, strengthening of bones, reduction in arthritis, thigh and calf pain, etc. Will discuss this topic further. For now know how to learn Paschimottanasana in 90 seconds-

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Paschimottanasana method

Under this posture, first of all, holding the toes of the feet, one has to touch the nose with the knees. In the initial days, you try to do only this first, after that there are many different layers in this asana. For example, holding the thumb, bend it so that the elbows touch the ground. In this state, your nose should go slightly below the knee. Some people catch the claws by intertwining the fingers of both hands. Some people move their hands beyond the toes, keeping the legs and upper body almost parallel.

People are not able to do it according to the method, that is, they are not able to put their nose in the knee easily, so they are not able to do it easily, but if you are not able to do this, then do not worry. Instead, lean as far as you can. Keep your body comfortable and stay in this state for as long as you can. By practising, you will become an expert in this asana too. But yes, if you are not able to do it for a long time, then you can take the help of a yoga teacher.


Always do this asana on an empty stomach. If you want, you can drink tea, but if you have eaten enough food, then avoid doing this asana. One of the specialties of yoga is that it should always be done with patience. Similarly, while doing Paschimottanasana, keep in mind that never do this posture with a jerk. Make money very easily. Slowly bow down. Lean up to 60 per cent first and then bend down to 20 per cent. If you can bend completely in one go, then there is no harm in it either, but always keep the pace slow. Do this asana for 30 seconds. If you feel comfortable while doing this asana, then you can stay for some more time. Bhujangasana or Shalabhasana is usually performed after this asana.

The profit

As already mentioned that by doing Paschimottanasana, the waist becomes thin and strong, by doing this asana the mind remains happy and the aura of the face increases, the blood flow in the body is better. Blood circulation is also better in the muscles of the throat, stomach and legs. Apart from this, regularising this asana kills stomach worms and hunger which are signs of good health, breathing becomes very short by doing this asana, which gives you longevity.


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