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What Is Blockchain And How Does It Work?


With the development of cryptocurrency, you must have heard about Blockchain. Nowadays, It is becoming a buzzword. Everyone is talking about this term. So, if you are also eager to learn what is Blockchain, and how it works then keep reading. And if this post encourages you to learn more then you can also go for Blockchain Online Training. Getting a training from good institute helps you to learn more and as a beginner, it will help you to stand out.

For now, let’s start with the basics.

What Is Blockchain:

It is a distributed database. It facilitates the process of recording, translating, and tracking assets. Today, where all the businesses are running on huge data and information, accuracy is important. It can track orders, payments, accounts, and much more.

Since members share a single view you can see all the details. Hence It maintains transparency of information. It is a digital ledger of transactions that is distributed across the entire network of the computer system. Each time it adds a new transaction it is added to the ledger of every participant Records of this transaction is done with an immutable cryptographic signature namely hash.

How does Blockchain Work?

Entering a new transaction – Whenever a new transaction is entered they are recorded as a block. It shows transactions of both tangible and intangible assets.

These blocks are connected before and after it– These blocks then form a chain of data by moving from place to place. The block is then inserted between two existing blocks.

Blocked with Blockchain – Lastly, Transaction is blocked with Blockchain. These blocks are irreversible as each added block adds strength to the previous block. This builds a ledger of transactions that you can trust.

Benefits of Blockchain:

  • It ensures greater security.
  • The data is forever, even the system administrator can not delete it
  • It requires data accuracy from all the network members.
  • You can share the records with the network members only. As you have to give access to those members.
  • It gives accurate and timely data.
  • It has built great trust among members of the members-only network.
  • Reduces the risk of hack or change in the system.
  • It enhances trust in both record keeping and financial transactions as well.
  • All the network participants agree to the validity of each of the records.
  • Apart from storing cryptocurrency transaction history, you can store other things such as contracts as well.

Types Of Blockchain Network:

There are several ways you can build a Blockchain network these are:

Public Blockchain Network :

Bitcoin is one of the great examples of a public Blockchain network. Here, anyone can join and participate. This network comes with some drawbacks that include little or no privacy.

Private Blockchain network:

Similar to the public Blockchain network is decentralized. However, there is one organization that is governing the network. They control who can participate. Also, this network has gained more trust than a public Blockchain network.

Permissioned Blockchain Network:

Although, a public Blockchain network can is also a permissioned network if you want. Since it has restrictions on who can participate and what transactions they can make it is mostly for the businesses. Anyone who wants to join this network needs permission or an invitation to join.

Consortium Blockchain:

This network is for those businesses where everyone needs permission and has shared responsibility. This pre-selected organization determines who can submit a transaction and get access to it. This network has shared responsibility for the Blockchain.


Isn’t it amazing how virtually anything can be tracked and traded on this network? This system has no middle man involved, ensuring risk reduction and cost-cutting. Additionally, it has more transparency as anyone can see the transaction but without any fraud. Finally, if you also want to be a part of this amazing chain and want to make a career in it then you can look for Blockchain Training Institute in Delhi. Their structured content will guide you through the step-by-step procedure of learning. This also ensures your success in this field. As this is now a highly demanding career, stepping into this field is a smart choice.

In the end, keep learning, keep growing.

And let us know why this network excites you.

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