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Xior Lofttown Ensures Peaceful & Enjoyable Life for Students in Barcelona

Barcelona is beautiful city with a some good student accommodations including Xior Lofttown which is quite famous among students.

Barcelona – this is the city that has gained worldwide fame across the globe. It had hosted the Summer Olympics in the year 1992. Till that time, it has gained more popularity among the masses.

Today also, a large number of people visit this place for travel and many other purposes. Studying in Barcelona is one of the reasons why many individuals visit this city. The major universities available in this city are the University of Barcelona and Pompeu Fabra University. So, good strength can be seen today in the places for student accommodation Barcelona.

If you have also got admission to a university or college in Barcelona and you are searching for the right student accommodation in the city then this article can help you.

There are plenty of places available for the students today among which one of the best examples is Xior Lofttown. Xior The Lofttown Barcelona offers a wide range of facilities, which most of the students of today want. Here are some of the important aspects of this place for accommodation.

Classifications of Accommodations

Students can choose between two major types of accommodations here, which are studios and rooms. These two types have further subcategories.

The studios available here have been categorized into the following types.

  • Individual Studio with Private Kitchen
  • Individual Large Studio
  • Individual Studio with a Private Kitchen and open Terrace 
  • Individual Studio XL with Private Kitchen
  • Double Studio to share with Private Kitchen
  • Double Studio XL to share with Private Kitchen
  • Double Studio to share with Private Kitchen and Terrace
  • Double Studio XL to share with Private Kitchen and Terrace

The double studios can be shared by multiple students.

On the other hand, the classifications of the rooms are as follows:

  • Individual Standard Room
  • Individual Large Room
  • Individual XL Room
  • Individual Large Room with Private Terrace
  • Double Room to share
  • Double Room to share with Private Terrace
  • Double Room with Private Terrace

Outdoor Swimming Pools for Students

Students get an enjoyable life at this property. There are outdoor swimming pools here in which students can have loads of fun and relaxation. Swimming is a source of great fun and wellness without any second thought.

Fantastic Arrangements for Study

You find study areas with study tables and chairs in your rooms. In addition to this, a special study room at the property adds the cherry on the cake. In the study room, a student can read, complete his or her assignments, and prepare for the exams, without any disturbance.  

Fun Facilities for Students

Fun is a major part of life and it is necessary for the mental healing of a person. In this property, students get the fun in different ways. Here are the sources of fun that students get here.

  • Cinema

Students get a chance to enjoy the movies with friends at this property. Here, they find a cinema, which is a great source of entertainment without any second thought.

  • Games Room

A lot of students seek fun in gaming. Therefore, there is a games room available at this property. In the games room, students find the arrangement for the indoor games.

Special Arrangement for Fitness

For the fitness of the students, this property provides special facilities. There is a gym area available at this property with modern workout machines. Students can get shaped bodies or can fulfill their passions of bodybuilding in the gym.  

Organic Buffet

You can enjoy tasty and healthy food, for which there is an arrangement of organic buffet at this property.


You can have coffee and snacks with friends and can have loads of fun in the café of the property.

Broadband Connection

For completing projects & assignments, online classes, online shopping, social media, communication with others, information searching, and a lot of other tasks, you may need the internet.

Understanding this, the authorities of Xior Lofttown have provided a broadband connection in each room and studio. The broadband connection is payable as per the usage.

Rooftop Terrace for Some Relaxing Time

You find the places at this property where you can have some relaxing time. One of the places here is the rooftop terrace. Here, you get some enjoyable time with friends along with having some fresh air.

Laundry for Getting the Fresh Clothes

Whether you have to go to university or a place for sightseeing, the washed and fresh clothes are needed for the good rapport. Moreover, they are necessary for your personal hygiene also.

Therefore, laundry has also been provided to the students at this property.

Parking Space

If you keep your own vehicle then you have no need to worry about parking at this property. There is a special parking space available here.

To Sum Up

Xior Lofttown has everything for the students that are required to live a peaceful and enjoyable life. It is easy to book accommodation here through the online options. The websites of accommodation service providers are considered the best in this regard.

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